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Energy Explosion!


I won’t lie … I think most people agree the best part (as well as the downfall) of raw food is the desserts. Honestly, I love raw desserts more than cooked desserts. Lots of coconut oil and cacao? Hellerrrrrr! These Energy Explosions are exactly what I needed as a pick me up mid-day today. They’re quick and easy … (just how some people like it) 😳

1 C Pumpkin Seeds 

1/2 C Cacao Nibs

1/4 C Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

3 TBSP Maca Powder (Peruvian)

1-2 TBSP Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp Salt

Put the ingredients into the food processor, process for about 30 seconds or until ingredients start to stick together, roll into balls, and WALLAH! They could also be rolled in Maca Powder, Cacao Powder, or Coconut. This recipe works with either dry roasted or raw Pumpkin Seeds. I used dry roasted because it’s what I had. I recommend raw … and if using the latter, I would add a bit more Salt. Enjoy! And let me know what you think by leaving comments below. Peace Earthlings! 

Giving the Sugar Back


Yesterday, as I was making yet a few more dissertation edits (wah wah), I came across this quote from a Rastafarian priest I interviewed for my research …

“If a person come to me and say, well um, my mom has Sugar. We would get the Morning Glory, boil that, uh, 1 or 2 other lil bushes, and that’ll help purge, and they could stay on that for about 3 months – and, they could give the sugar back to who they got it from”

For those of you who may not know, “get the Sugar” is a term used in Bahamian dialect that refers to having Diabetes. Illuminating his belief in the connection between physical healing and spiritual/emotional healing, he shares/draws from a principle rooted in Ancient African spiritual systems that Rastafarianism and many other diasporic spiritual systems have emerged. According to this system, what is ailing any one of us was given to us or we received it from someone/somewhere else and we have the power to give it back if we are open to taking the medicine that will purge it from our systems. This is also a principle in holistic health and one with which my own beliefs about health and spirituality are aligned strongly.

People who know me may have heard my definition of medicine before: the right dose of the right thing at the right time administered by the right person. It need not be a physical substance, though it can be. A substance—physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual—is not healing or poisonous inherently. The dosage, the timing, the circumstance, and both the person administering and receiving determine the quality of the medicine and whether or not it will heal what is ailing someone.

The idea of “giving the Sugar back to who they got it from” resonates with the current moment’s astrology. Venus—goddess of love, beauty, and abundance—is descending into the underworld. Her reversal, her descent, is calling us to re-verse, re-view, re-search, re-volt, re-bel, re-spond, re-work the aspects of life represented by the house she is transiting in your chart specifically, the house located in Aries. Because she is in Aries, she is showing up as the warrior goddess. Because she is in Aries, she is fiery, she is tough. She is kicking ass, taking names, writing them down, burning them, and starting over. We all have this energy inside of us somewhere. She is asking us to unleash this energy to release parts of ourselves that no longer serve us.

Venus is asking each of us, “What is your Sugar? What have you been given and/or allowed yourself to receive that you want to give back to who you got it from?” Most importantly, how will you give it back? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Where will you put the Sugar to make sure it is transformed into something that won’t be harmful to yourself or others? I recently discovered that dangerous Mustard bombs from the Cold War are dismantled, neutralized, by applying water. How will you dismantle the chemical weapons of your psyche from your own past Cold Wars? The astrological new year is in 3 days. The Sun is transiting the final degrees of the Zodiac. This is a time for endings, for letting go.

These are the alchemical degrees of the Zodiac, the alchemical oceanic energy of Pisces is a cauldron for spiritual transformation. These are the degrees, the days, where the astrological energies are powerful beneficial bacteria that can eat the Sugar and transform what is ailing us physically, emotionally, and spiritually into food for ourselves, those who serve us, and those with whom we live symbiotically. Stay close to symbiosis. Don’t be afraid to give the Sugar back to who you got it from. Allow the fermentation to happen. Give it time. The wine you’re making is gonna be BOMB a month from now! You are about to be reborn, whether you like it or not. While the Sun is still in Pisces, be like water. Swim in it. Take the path of least resistance. Your life is about to be set on fire.

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Love is always there


In my last post, I wrote about Venus’ Retrograde. Venus is well into the thick of her descent into the underworld. As she descends, the Venus in each of us is also asked to descend into the underworld, to review the aspects of our lives that are housed in Aries in our charts so that we can be transformed and emerge anew. This Retrograde is spring cleaning and redecorating our lives. Better to let her do her thing. Trust her—she has impeccable taste! It’s time to release the baggage, garbage, and dust associated with what we love, how we love, our senses of self-worth, our attractiveness, that to which we are attracted, what we want, what we deserve, the resources that we receive–tangible and intangible–that are associated with particular aspects of our lives. Where you will feel this Retrograde most depends upon your individual chart. In my chart, this Retrograde runs deep. It is in my 4th House, the deepest house of a chart–roots, house, home, family, ancestry. This is the house from which we are born. This is the house that represents our childhood home. This is the house that represents how we need to feel in our living space in order to feel comfortable. As a result, this Retrograde is reviewing participation in, perpetuation of, and release from family and ancestral cycles, patterns, and constellations. I have felt that Astro constellations help to understand and navigate family constellations. Venus is asking me a lot of important questions—including what I want and need in my physical home and what I seek to build in my family of choice that is similar and different from my family of origin.

For a long time in my life, I walked around with a devastating narrative: “when I needed you most, you weren’t there. When I needed you most, you were never there.” I applied this to almost everyone in my life to whom I felt close and/or to whom I wanted to be close. I was attached to certain people providing me with certain types of support. I wanted to define who could support me and how—rather than creating or existing in spaces that allowed me to discern whether or not the people in my life had the capacity to support me in the ways that I needed. When certain individuals in my life couldn’t provide me with the exact form of support I desired from them, I became sad, angry, unhappy—and I blamed them (sometimes overtly and sometimes passively) for being unable to provide me with what I needed and wanted from other people in my life. Worse still, I did not ask other people what they needed or wanted from me. There was no opportunity for right relationship. There was no opportunity for reciprocal growth.

Luckily, the past several years have offered me numerous opportunities to accelerate my own growth and transformation. I have become much more conscious of my own journey. One such opportunity was a spiritual healing retreat that opened my mind and my spirit to seeing my life and myself differently than I ever had before. Among the changes that occurred as a result of that retreat, the narrative I mentioned above changed from, “When I needed you, you were never there” to “When I needed love, it was always there.” This is one of the most dramatic shifts of consciousness that I have ever experienced in my life. I realized that when I’ve needed love, it’s always been there. Maybe it didn’t always look how I wanted it to look. Maybe it didn’t always come from the people I wanted it to come from in the ways I’d hoped it would appear. But it was always there … in forms that were sometimes hard, sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful. Now, looking back, it was all beautiful.

When I let go of my expectations for how life is supposed to look, I realized that love comes in an infinite number of forms. It looks so many different ways that I couldn’t have anticipated until I saw them, but that I recognized clearly when I became open to the possibility that love is infinite in quantity and in form. When I became open to the infinite quantity, capacity, and forms of love, I was able to remain non-attached to the outcomes of my relationships with any particular people, places, and processes in my life. Non-attachment is not the same as detachment. Detachment is disconnection, isolation. Non-attachment, alternatively, creates the opportunity to feel connected to everything, to know that I am always supported—especially when I take responsibility for ensuring that I remain in physical and emotional spaces where I can receive the support that I need. When I detach, when I disconnect, when I separate myself or put myself on a different level as others (either as superior or inferior), when I judge myself, when I judge others with comments such as, “I wouldn’t do that,” I deny myself the opportunity to receive love from myself or anyone else.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss people—it means that I don’t expect anyone to give me more than they can. It means I know that I don’t get to choose where love comes from or in what forms it arrives, but that I’m responsible for receiving it when it does. I often wonder how many times love has been offered to me in forms that I needed it and I denied it because it didn’t come in the form I wanted or in the form with which I was familiar. Equally as much, I wonder how many times I have received something that appeared in the form that I expect love to appear, the shape or color I was taught love “should” arrive, and have actually received or taken in, attached myself to something or someone that caused me harm, that wasn’t love at all, that was not what I needed. I have learned that the secret of love is closing my eyes and allowing the feeling to carry me, not the person. If a person has to carry me or I have to carry them, love can’t possibly exist because there’s too much weight. Love is spacious. Love is infinite. No one person will ever be able to carry me – and that’s not their fault. It’s by design. I know that I am meant to walk my path, to run my track, to climb my mountains. That doesn’t mean I am meant to do it alone. On the contrary, it is only on these treks that are mine, uniquely, that I have ever or could ever encounter those who are meant to walk, run, and climb next to me.

My journey to this point has been foothills compared to the mountains in front of me. At this moment in my life, I am placing the extra baggage at the bottom of the mountain. I will only take the absolute necessities. I will travel lightly. I will not carry anyone else’s baggage. I will not give my baggage to anyone else to carry. Anything that weighs me down, slows me down—it must be released and I will watch it fall into the canyon and break into a million pieces. This is the agreement I am making with myself. This is the agreement I am making with those who are climbing this mountain with me because even though we are right next to each other, climbing the same mountain, we are all having completely different experiences, facing different challenges, owning different victories. I refuse to believe that I know another person’s experience and I refuse to allow another person to treat me as if they know mine. This is a requirement for holding space for one another, for loving, for all to accomplish and enjoy the climbs to which we have been called and which we have chosen to embark upon. We are here to support each other, to cheer each other along, to challenge each other to be better—not by exerting force or challenges, not by throwing rocks at one another to be dodged, but by continuing our own climbs alongside one another.


“Don’t be afraid, it’s only love”: Preparing for Venus Retrograde in Aries


Tomorrow, Venus goes retrograde. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. As she reverses her path, she touches and reminds us of things that happened 9 years previous. Venus holds our love, what feels like love, beauty, our sense of beauty, abundance, how and where we find abundance, how we get paid – financially and emotionally, jealousy, vanity, and issues of self-worth. She is receptive. She craves connection. She rules Taurus and Libra–though she manifests in these signs in different ways … but that is a topic for another day. Because, now, Venus is in Aries. As she reverses direction, she will also spend a couple of weeks in Pisces–her most favorite place to be and where she is loved most. So what does this mean?

Venus is one aspect of the feminine energy that appears in each of our charts. To clarify, when I discuss feminine and masculine energy, I am not referring to gender, but to energetic archetypes that we all possess to varying degrees (which is why gender is fluid). Relationships between the energies of planets and signs in our charts are much like relationships between the energies of individuals. I want to emphasize that astrological events play out in each person’s life in a totally unique way. No two people will have exactly the same experience because no two people have exactly the same chart–but there are some similar themes that might arise for many people based on the energy of a planet, the sign it is transiting, that sign’s ruler, and that sign’s House of the Zodiac.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Your chart indicates which house is your First House, but since Aries is the First House of the Zodiac, it represents a little First House energy for each of us. The First House of the Zodiac is the House of Self–a person’s identity, how a person appears in the world. Typically, the characteristics of the sign of one’s First House demonstrate how other people perceive them in the world, whereas the Sun represents their true identity. Aries energy is the energy that shifts consciousness, allows birth to happen, flowers to bloom, butterflies to bust out of cocoons. Aries energy busts through portals. It can push through anything. It is fire, it is explosive, it ignites, it initiates, and it is ruled by Mars. It is passion, desire, power, and control. Aries is all man–pure masculine energy. So what does it man for Venus to be in Aries? To be moving back through Mars’ house?

Venus and Mars are considered the lovers of the heavens … but that doesn’t mean that Venus loves being in Mars’ house. Aries is a man house. There’s not always toilet paper. There’s no kitchen table. The dish selection is questionable (except for bar ware–especially beer and shot glasses) and the only thing guaranteed to be in the refrigerator is leftover pizza and craft beer. The furniture is comfy, though the space can be a bit dark … it lacks that “feminine touch” … so when Venus walks in Aries with her bag of tricks, she is like, “oh no!” She GIVES Mars’ house her feminine touch, whether he wants it or not because that is just who she is. She oozes feminine beauty. She leaves a trail of it with her footprints … but that poses a problem because, well, this is MARS’ HOUSE!

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you will understand what is about to happen in the skies over the next 6 weeks. As above, so below. As without, so within. Each of us will be experiencing this dynamic in part of our lives both externally and internally. Each of us is going to spend the next 6 weeks trying to reconcile these energies. Venus tends to be a bit rowdier in Mars’ house … after all, she has to be if she’s going to stand up to all that aggressive energy. Many of us (regardless of our gender identities) will be reconciling these different pieces of our hearts, minds, and souls—the receptive and the protective, the push and pull of our desires and our destinies. The ultimate goal is to find a dynamic balance between the masculine and feminine in each of us and between each of us. If there is one thing studying Ecology has taught me, it’s that balance is not stasis, but the ability to dance. Learn to dance. In fact, this is a good time to take those dance classes you’ve been considering.

But make sure your dance partner has a style compatible with yours because Venus is the Roman goddess of love and Mars is the Roman god of passion and when they each bring their best selves to each other, when they agree to listen, when they agree to leave their bullshit at the door, when they decide that all they want to do is just dance … miracles can happen. True love is a beautiful dance. The balance of masculine and feminine energies—in partnerships and in individuals—is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. We are meant to surrender to our Selves, to our hearts, to the partnerships (of all kinds) that help us to remain whole. These are transformative times.

Venus’ Retrograde is a review. She’s reviewing and revising these areas of our lives. Venus has her issues (we all do) … but one thing you can place your trust in is that when she loves, she loves HARD! Especially in Aries. Venus is connected to your heart. What does your heart need? What is your heart trying to tell you? Allow her to run her hands over your being and find the place where it hurts most. Then, let her gently satiate your heart’s fissures with her salve until the pain diminishes. There’s no guarantee that pain will disappear fully, but Venus’ Retrograde is like an amazing massage. It mostly feels great and every once in awhile it hurts good … but mostly, it’s exactly what you need. Just don’t forget to drink water because that’s plenty fire. Don’t hate–HYDRATE!

Don’t be afraid. It’s only love.

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