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Soul Technology: A Guide to the Gemini New Moon


Today, the Moon rebirths herself in Gemini. This year’s New Moons have felt intense … this one feels no different. Today’s New Moon feels strong on communication and information gathering—something that often comes up with Gemini and its ruler, Mercury—communication conduit and technological Trickster. Gemini, as the Third House of the Zodiac, represents both how we gather information in our everyday lives and how we communicate the information we gather. The house of your chart inhabited by Gemini represents where these activities tend to occur. This placement can offer insight into or reminders of how you learned as a child in your unstructured play time. With the Moon in this sign, returning to or recalling this aspect of your life might offer you comfort and help you to move through a block that you didn’t even know was there.

This New Moon is calling us to be practical. Cut the bullshit. Know what you want. Communicate what you want—to yourself, to the universe, and to another person if that’s something you feel comfortable doing and to which you have access. This isn’t a great week to make major decisions. And yet, it’s also a good weekend to avoid stagnation. Much like the week of the Scorpio Full Moon, you could experience some brain fog or just general confusion/indecision under the Mercurial influence. That is just Gemini being Gemini. The twins … they don’t have to be either/or. They can be in conversation with each other and when they are, they possess endless possibilities.

This is a great week to gather information. Note everything that comes your way. Write it down if you can. Know your options. As a researcher by trade, I can vouch for the fact that when data is collected well, it speaks for itself. Collect the data. Sit with it. Write it out. Draw it out. Dance it out. Play it out. Sing it out. However you want to communicate it, however you feel it being communicated to you, let it come. Read it, look at it, listen to it over and over again. At the end of the weekend, as the Moon starts to grow and reveal her light, let it speak for itself. And then, speak for yourself.

Mercury rules technology, but this new moon is calling us to take a break from digital technology and tune in to soul technology. Digital technology offers data to be collected. But my sense is that isn’t the kind of data wanting to be collected in this lunation cycle. I have heard people say that we have knowledge at the tips of our fingertips—referring to the internet and the devices with which we access it. That statement is true—but this lunation is calling us to a different kind of knowledge, one that can’t be accessed from our devices. This knowledge isn’t at our fingertips, it is in our fingertips, because we hold knowledge of the entire universe in our bodies. The knowledge of all times is available in our spirits and hearts—many of which have been present in all times. This is the knowledge this New Moon wants us to access—the truth of and in our spirits and hearts. It’s a bit risky for Gemini, I’d say, to go this deep. But, then again, Mercury is the Trickster, so you never know what you’re going to get. And he is communicating with Sagittarius, the hunter who sometimes hunts for the hearts and minds of those willing to surrender to something greater. At the same time, Pluto (in Capricorn) and Venus (in Aries) are in a challenging aspect, meaning that we will be given opportunities to plough the depths of our own sense of self-worth, abundance, and love. Reach for bodily knowledge this week and this weekend. Reach for the knowledge and information that can only be accessed by sitting with yourself. Gemini is communication, but also divination and divination is simply communication with the divine—the divine inside of each of us as well as the divine that is bigger than all of us.

Use forms of personal communication you need in order to access this divine data. Talk with a trusted friend—even if that friend is you. Sing. Write. Make music. Dance. Speak. Make art. As Gemini represents the Third House of the Zodiac, look to your Third House to provide keys to the forms of communication that will help you to receive the information you need to make the important decisions you face right now, because right now, there are important decisions to make. You probably know the decisions you’ll face over the next couple of weeks if you’re not already facing them. Even if you don’t have a firm grasp on the particulars, you probably know which areas of your life they’ll inhabit. As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t necessarily the best week to make decisions. But whether it’s this week or in the next couple of weeks, make the decisions you have to make quickly—that’s the Gemini way. Move quickly. You will soon have all of the information you need. This is not the time to meander into Ninth House tactics (one of my fortes). Let the data speak. Don’t spend too much time contemplating. If something triggers you, move away from it. Don’t ask why. Don’t figure out how to move through it. Just move away. You’re being triggered by the things that are triggering you right now for a reason. Don’t be guilted into taking a path that doesn’t feel right – not by anyone, especially not by yourself and the cacophonous chorus in your head.

The seeds you plant during this New Moon will come to fruition at the corresponding Gemini Full Moon six months from now. Yet, the seeds you plant at this New Moon will also affect strongly your experience with the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius exist on the same axis. Gemini wants to move broadly and collect data. Sagittarius goes the distance, weaving all that data tightly into a single thread, one straight arrow moving toward your target of choice. The two signs are opposed, but they can work together if we let them. Let them. New Moon blessings. 🙏🏼

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Buss Out the Pruning Shears: A Brief Guide to Uranus Trine Saturn



Change is something that is desired, welcomed, and feared. Other Aquarians out there will know that classic Aquarian feeling—I want change in my life and in the world but embracing actual change is sort of a growing edge (and thankfully, I’m growing). It’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Both the call and push for change and the requirement to deal with it when it arrives and in whatever forms it arrives are upon us. This week brings its own form of change as Uranus and Saturn decide to play together nicely. Uranus and Saturn are not necessarily the most likely bed fellows. Saturn builds walls. Uranus breaks them down. Uranus is revolution, rupture, disruption, disorder. Saturn is structure, order, organization, ordination.

I write about my perspective on Saturn frequently—but I think it’s worth repeating. Saturn often gets a bad rap. And, perhaps, rightfully so. After all, Saturn is associated with Patriarchy, with archaic structures that privilege some people over other people based on arbitrary standards such as genetics, race, and gender so that some people can have more than others. But to be honest, I don’t think we need to blame Saturn for that reality—we need to blame ourselves, we need to blame our ancestors. Saturn didn’t create those structures. We did. Saturn didn’t create his story. We did. Nonetheless, the energy is real and that energy is what I work with. According to the Laws of Thermodynamics (if you’re into that sort of thing, if that’s a theory you adhere to), energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Energy is neither positive nor negative. Energy is shaped, moved, and engaged however we choose.

Saturn’s energy represents the human ability to create structures that support the uniqueness of human lives. Saturn likes organization and structure and he likes it because human beings need some organization and structure in their lives in order to grow. He is not that interested, actually, in what those structures look like. He is very interested, however, in ensuring that they exist. He asks us all the time whether the structures that we use to contain our lives support the work and ways of being to which we feel called. He does not want to impose upon us, he wants to support us. Most of all, he wants to support us supporting ourselves—and if that means giving us a good kick in the ass every once in awhile, so be it.

Uranus, alternatively, really loves just breaking shit for no reason. He loves to disrupt the status quo. He wants revolution and he wants it now. He says, “I’m sorry – are you comfortable? Lemme help you with that.” And WAPS! HITS you with something that will put you in your place more quickly than you can catch your breath. Often, that thing is the truth. He rules Aquarius. Other people with strong Aquarian energy will know that we like the truth. We seek the truth. We are good at disrupting with the truth—often unintentionally, sometimes problematically. After all, none of us is prepared for the whole truth all the time.

Given the realities of these energies, I guess it’s not hard to see how the two, despite their differences, could actually have quite a good time together nudging the world along—one creating blocks, the other breaking down walls. When Saturn and Uranus get along, they offer us opportunities to break down what we don’t need, what we don’t want, what isn’t serving us and, at the same time, to build something new that supports us. They support emerging structures. They might give you a little advance on building that new house or a couple new clients in your new business or the confidence to go on a date while your heart is mending from the worst breakup ever. How this aspect affects your life is based upon both the areas of your life (houses) and energies (signs) that they are transiting and the houses and signs in which they exist in your natal chart. But given that their trine (a positive and easy relationship in astrological terms) exists in Sagittarius and Aries, there will be certain overtones that will resonate with a lot of people.

Saturn is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius and the 9th House represent theory, philosophy, spirituality, publishing, higher education, formal research, distant travel—essentially, all forms of exploration, including physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual. Sagittarius is a warrior and an explorer with a purpose, a vision, a single direction, a one-track mind. Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) expands, while Saturn (currently transiting Sagittarius) contracts–so they certainly exist in tension with one another. But, in certain situations, tension can also be balance. Uranus is in Aries. Aries, ruled by Mars, is the 1st House of the Zodiac. Aries and the 1st House represent our identities in the world, how we present ourselves to the world, the healthy ego–the part of us that jumps up and says, “Here I am!” Mars is quintessential (healthy) masculine energy—drive, passion, anger, fearlessness, action, desire. So, as you can imagine, Uranus and Mars have a lot of fun – although, they can be a bit destructive together … which is where a beneficial relationship with Saturn can actually help by keeping that energy contained.

So, what does this all mean?

In astrological terms, this time is asking us to re-imagine the structures that serve as the containers for our lives, our tribes/families, our communities, our nations, and our world (however any one person might go about defining any of those things). Structures that once served the world no longer serve the world or individuals. Different people have very different experiences, but many are still experiencing the same phenomena. Philosophies and theories that once served us no longer serve us. With this combination of energies, the roots of these philosophies are not being eliminated, they are not being pulled up and plouged back into the ground. Rather, we are pruning them back–almost to the ground–so that they might grow fruit. A lot of these structures haven’t been pruned ever or in a long time. They need some pruning, they need to be cut back so that they can grow better, produce more fruit, feed more people. This is true of structures that might seem more obvious, such as governments, religions and religious/spiritual structures and systems, family structures, marriage, etc. It is also true, however, of our personal narratives, habits, tendencies, and values.

Are your values changing? Are the philosophies that guide your life changing? If so, how? Do you need a new narrative? Are you the one preventing yourself from finding or answering your calling? Is your identity changing? Is the way you present yourself in the world shifting? Do you feel called to a new and/or different sort of role than the one you’ve been embodying over the past several years? If so, don’t be afraid of that role. Don’t be afraid to shift your philosophy, to change your thinking and to allow that to change how you appear in the world. This is the time … and you are ready!

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Scorpio Full Moon Vibes


Boy, oh boy. Here we are at the Scorpio Full Moon. Whatever intentions you set, seeds you planted at the Scorpio New Moon back at the end of October (intentionally or not) can be harvested now, will come to fruition now. 

Full Moons are times of release. All that energy builds, builds, builds like a wave, like condensation in a cloud, like anger, like sadness, like breath, like shit, like sex. And eventually, it all needs to be released by shitting, by exhaling, by a wave breaking, by crying, by raining, by screaming, by coming. Everything needs to be released–not forgotten, but released, and released through the body–either the bodies we’re in or the One Body we’re on–Earth. This is the wisdom of Scorpio. Scorpio knows how to release. Scorpio knows that we MUST release. Scorpio knows how to cut off. But to be honest, Scorpio isn’t great at letting go. And yet, during this particular Full Moon, she is doing something wild, unfamiliar, and unlikely. She is asking us, this one time, to let go, and let go of it all.

Let go of everything from your past that has hurt you. Let go of what you knew to be true. This is not a time of letting go of people, necessarily, but a time of letting go of how our perceptions of people or their trespasses against us leave us imprisoned in the past, unable to sit in the realities of the present, unable to see the realities of the beauty of our own being. Shifting a relationship is not the same as ending it. There’s a difference between boundaries and walls. This Moon is serious. This Moon wants release. It wants you to let it out, get it out. It’s less of a celebration, more of a catharsis. It wants you to purge everything … one. Last. Time.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed … the world is changing. Challenges abound. People are rising up and so is the very Earthly body that holds us. It’s time for a change. It’s the 60s again and even thought the revolution never ended for many of us, the revolution is shifting and growing, so you better know your role, know where you stand. If you feel as though you’re being called into the truth of who you are, this Moon is asking you to lay down everything that is preventing that from happening. It’s terrifying. If you’re not scared, you haven’t found it yet. Face your fears. Trust your ancestors. Trust your guides. Trust your instincts. You’re an animal, after all. Let the healing waters wash over you, wash through you. 

Scorpio is the sign of cleansing water. It rules the reproductive and urinary tracts. Drink lots of water this week. Drink lots of detox teas. Have safe, sacred sex–not just safe use a condom, but sex with someone who makes you feel safe and who feels safe with you. This is the only kind of sex that allows the spirit to open up enough to release the old. This is what this Moon wants from you–for you to feel safe, fully in your body and in the truth of your spirit–your raw, deep, fecund spirit.

This Moon is ruled by Pluto. Pluto is deep–the deepest. He is subterranean. He is the moist fecund ground from which all things grow. He is not a chimney sweep. He brings a deep clean. He will scrub and scrub until there’s nothing left to remove. That pesky spot you thought would never come out? Pluto’s got it. That one thing you thought you couldn’t let go of? If you really want to let it go, give it to Pluto. Do you really want to let it go?, he’ll ask. Are you sure?, he’ll repeat. He will pull it out like a rhizome structure. Did you ever know how many things were connected to your pain underground? It won’t feel beautiful, but it will hurt so good. Today, he’s doing it whether you ask for it or not, and you’ll be glad he did. Let him in. Be prepared. Take time. Run to the bathroom and cry if you need to–and you might/probably will need to. But if/when you do, Pluto is the one who can sit with you. He’s the greatest therapist. He won’t judge you. He won’t baby you. He won’t criticize you. He’s done it all. He’s seen it all. He’ll just sit with you. He’s the safe one. Let him in today. 

This Full Moon comes with a hint of illusion, delusion, smoke and mirrors–after all, Scorpio rules Halloween, Samhain (pronounced SHA-vin). It’s the end, the end of the harvest. It’s a time when we ask ourselves: what is real? Who am I? What do I want? What do I need? Is this really coming up again? Did that person really just say that? Did IIII really just say that? Every ending is also a new beginning. Allow yourself the opportunity to be surprised with the person you’re becoming. Maybe this new beginning is a long time coming. Maybe it appeared out of nowhere. Maybe that new beginning is very literal–a new job, a new home, a new life, a new relationship, etc. Maybe it is more internal–a new energetic landscape, a new way of being, a new way of showing up in the world. Maybe it’s both. How it manifests really depends on how this Moon interacts with your chart. I have seen in my practice and in my life, though, that new beginnings are everywhere. It’s beautiful. It’s overwhelming. But what is the thing–the one thing–that you need to let go of in order to allow the new beginning to manifest fully? That is the focus of this Full Moon. 

Seeds don’t pop up the day after they’re planted. They take time to grow. There is liminal space between the old and new, between death and rebirth. It is a messy process to clear the old and make space for the new. That’s where we are this week–in that space. Sit in that space. Listen to everything. Listen to what people are saying (even if they’re not saying it to you). Listen to yourself–what you say internally and externally. Listen to the wind, to the trees, to the herbs, to the animals, to your body, to your oracles, and to your tea. This isn’t a week, necessarily, for making major decisions in your life. Just sit. Dance. Love and be loved. Have safe, sacred, transformative sex. Cry. Drink lots of water. Don’t eat too much. Consume mind-altering substances mindfully or not at all. Let everything old go. Celebrate how far you’ve come. You’re about to start everything over again. 

Don’t forget to breathe … breathe in. Breathe out. Release. Enjoy. Happy Full Moon. 🌝

Destiny & the Deepest Part of Me


Astrological charts are wheels in which the stars and planets are dispersed with the appearance that the Earth is at the center. It appears that everything is revolving around us, but of course, it’s not. In a chart, a person’s soul is at the center of the wheel and it is my perspective that knowing one’s chart offers insight into how to navigate that center, how to find that center. I don’t think it’s necessary to remain in the center at all times. I’m not convinced that we’re here in these bodies not to experience the possible shifts and flows that can come from embodying these drives—as intense and chaotic as they can be. We all have every energy of the zodiac located in our charts in unique placements for a reason. Nonetheless, I have found that knowing my center and being able to feel into that center allows me to navigate the energies in my chart more effectively, to actually have control over my own energy, to exist fully in all of the power that resides in my mind, body, and spirit.

Every day, there are transits in an astrological chart. Every day, the Sun moves one degree in your chart. Certain transits are celebrated and emphasized—a Solar Return (aka your birthday), a Lunar Return, a Venus Return, a Saturn Return (not so much celebrated as feared). Similarly, certain points of a chart are emphasized—like the Ascendant and the Midheaven. The Midheaven, or Medium Coeli, is one of the most important points in a chart. It is the ceiling, the Sun’s highest point in the sky the day you were born. It represents Noon. It represents your highest achievement in this life. By achievement, I refer to how you’re known, your destiny, the legacy you will leave in this world. For most people, this point is located in their 10th House of Career. In traditional Hellenistic Astrology, however, whole sign houses make it possible for this point to be located in the 9th or 11th House. I use whole sign houses in my practice and, as a result, I tend to work a lot with axes throughout the chart. The Midheaven is part of an axis—an axis that I refer to as the Axis of Destiny. An axis implies that there is another point at the other end of the Midheaven … and, there is. This point is called the Imam Ceoli (IC) or the Nadir. Imam Coeli means the bottom of the sky—literally, the bottom of the chart. This point is referenced regularly, but rarely discussed—partially because it is so deep that it can be invisible to a person in themself, let alone to other people.

In my own life and in my practice, I have found that exploring the depths of the IC is necessary to understand how to reach the Midheaven. How can a tree grow if it has no roots? It can’t … and it can be a confusing part of a chart. The Sun has also been transiting my IC over the past week, as it does each year. Year in and year out, I find this transit to be one of the most difficult of the year—perhaps because it falls in my chart on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. I will write more about this axis in my post about the Full Moon in Scorpio, due to grace us with its presence tomorrow.

I’m not even sure how to write about this place, this space inside of me, my IC. My IC is in Taurus—fixed Earth—and as this point is transited, my whole being wants to be rooted in the Earth – like being at the beach with my whole body buried except for my head. It’s not so much about being buried, though, as it is about wanting and needing to be held in all of the ways in which a person can be held—physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Not just touched, but held, and held by something and someone whose energy is solid, grounded, slow, steady, someone who doesn’t let go or, at least, who doesn’t let go quickly. It is a desire to be held by someone who or something that holds just to hold, not expecting anything, not looking for anything in return, not wanting to possess, not looking for an association externally granted. I am looking for the Earth, who simply holds the roots of a plant, of a tree, so it can grow. The Earth’s job is to be fertile, to be a space in which something can grow. Its only responsibility is to be moist, nutrient dense, and at this time of the year, warm. Whether something grows or doesn’t is none of its business, none of its responsibility, none of its concern, comes as neither a benefit nor a detriment. And yet, it holds, it cradles, it nurtures life.

This thing that I want every year at this time—this is not my destiny. It’s just the deepest part of me. In fact, my destiny is to become something very different. My destiny, in fact, is to let go, to learn how to let go, to transform, to transmutate, to be an alchemist, to penetrate the depths of my own psyche further than I ever thought possible. And when I think I have gone as far as I can go, to go a little further, a little bit deeper. Through this experience of deep exploration into my own psychic landscape, my chart indicates that I am also called to offer other people tools to do the same. That is Scorpio. That is what Scorpio is about. That is what is happening with this Full Moon rising—the psyche is being stirred.

My IC is in my 5th House of love, pleasure, beauty, creativity, leisure, and pleasure, whereas most people’s IC’s are in their 4th House of Home—house, family, ancestry, foundation, roots. This means that where I began is not where I will return. This means that I am meant to become something different than that into which I was born. I am meant to find roots rather than return to them. It means that the deepest parts of me might appear even more invisible than they do with most people unless I know them and illuminate them. It also means that all of the psychic exploration, all of the transformation, transmutation, and penetration can’t happen without that cradle of creativity, without beauty, without love, and without pleasure.

Where is your IC? What do you need to make your destiny a reality? Do you know? Are you ready to go there? To sit still and quietly in the one place where you want to be held where no one can hold you but the earth? But god? But whatever it is that you believe in that is greater than you? It’s a hard one … but it’s one of the most important ones to truly visit. Don’t just let it pass. Let it in … and then, like this Moon is telling us, let it go.

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