Scorpio Full Moon Vibes

Boy, oh boy. Here we are at the Scorpio Full Moon. Whatever intentions you set, seeds you planted at the Scorpio New Moon back at the end of October (intentionally or not) can be harvested now, will come to fruition now. 

Full Moons are times of release. All that energy builds, builds, builds like a wave, like condensation in a cloud, like anger, like sadness, like breath, like shit, like sex. And eventually, it all needs to be released by shitting, by exhaling, by a wave breaking, by crying, by raining, by screaming, by coming. Everything needs to be released–not forgotten, but released, and released through the body–either the bodies we’re in or the One Body we’re on–Earth. This is the wisdom of Scorpio. Scorpio knows how to release. Scorpio knows that we MUST release. Scorpio knows how to cut off. But to be honest, Scorpio isn’t great at letting go. And yet, during this particular Full Moon, she is doing something wild, unfamiliar, and unlikely. She is asking us, this one time, to let go, and let go of it all.

Let go of everything from your past that has hurt you. Let go of what you knew to be true. This is not a time of letting go of people, necessarily, but a time of letting go of how our perceptions of people or their trespasses against us leave us imprisoned in the past, unable to sit in the realities of the present, unable to see the realities of the beauty of our own being. Shifting a relationship is not the same as ending it. There’s a difference between boundaries and walls. This Moon is serious. This Moon wants release. It wants you to let it out, get it out. It’s less of a celebration, more of a catharsis. It wants you to purge everything … one. Last. Time.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed … the world is changing. Challenges abound. People are rising up and so is the very Earthly body that holds us. It’s time for a change. It’s the 60s again and even thought the revolution never ended for many of us, the revolution is shifting and growing, so you better know your role, know where you stand. If you feel as though you’re being called into the truth of who you are, this Moon is asking you to lay down everything that is preventing that from happening. It’s terrifying. If you’re not scared, you haven’t found it yet. Face your fears. Trust your ancestors. Trust your guides. Trust your instincts. You’re an animal, after all. Let the healing waters wash over you, wash through you. 

Scorpio is the sign of cleansing water. It rules the reproductive and urinary tracts. Drink lots of water this week. Drink lots of detox teas. Have safe, sacred sex–not just safe use a condom, but sex with someone who makes you feel safe and who feels safe with you. This is the only kind of sex that allows the spirit to open up enough to release the old. This is what this Moon wants from you–for you to feel safe, fully in your body and in the truth of your spirit–your raw, deep, fecund spirit.

This Moon is ruled by Pluto. Pluto is deep–the deepest. He is subterranean. He is the moist fecund ground from which all things grow. He is not a chimney sweep. He brings a deep clean. He will scrub and scrub until there’s nothing left to remove. That pesky spot you thought would never come out? Pluto’s got it. That one thing you thought you couldn’t let go of? If you really want to let it go, give it to Pluto. Do you really want to let it go?, he’ll ask. Are you sure?, he’ll repeat. He will pull it out like a rhizome structure. Did you ever know how many things were connected to your pain underground? It won’t feel beautiful, but it will hurt so good. Today, he’s doing it whether you ask for it or not, and you’ll be glad he did. Let him in. Be prepared. Take time. Run to the bathroom and cry if you need to–and you might/probably will need to. But if/when you do, Pluto is the one who can sit with you. He’s the greatest therapist. He won’t judge you. He won’t baby you. He won’t criticize you. He’s done it all. He’s seen it all. He’ll just sit with you. He’s the safe one. Let him in today. 

This Full Moon comes with a hint of illusion, delusion, smoke and mirrors–after all, Scorpio rules Halloween, Samhain (pronounced SHA-vin). It’s the end, the end of the harvest. It’s a time when we ask ourselves: what is real? Who am I? What do I want? What do I need? Is this really coming up again? Did that person really just say that? Did IIII really just say that? Every ending is also a new beginning. Allow yourself the opportunity to be surprised with the person you’re becoming. Maybe this new beginning is a long time coming. Maybe it appeared out of nowhere. Maybe that new beginning is very literal–a new job, a new home, a new life, a new relationship, etc. Maybe it is more internal–a new energetic landscape, a new way of being, a new way of showing up in the world. Maybe it’s both. How it manifests really depends on how this Moon interacts with your chart. I have seen in my practice and in my life, though, that new beginnings are everywhere. It’s beautiful. It’s overwhelming. But what is the thing–the one thing–that you need to let go of in order to allow the new beginning to manifest fully? That is the focus of this Full Moon. 

Seeds don’t pop up the day after they’re planted. They take time to grow. There is liminal space between the old and new, between death and rebirth. It is a messy process to clear the old and make space for the new. That’s where we are this week–in that space. Sit in that space. Listen to everything. Listen to what people are saying (even if they’re not saying it to you). Listen to yourself–what you say internally and externally. Listen to the wind, to the trees, to the herbs, to the animals, to your body, to your oracles, and to your tea. This isn’t a week, necessarily, for making major decisions in your life. Just sit. Dance. Love and be loved. Have safe, sacred, transformative sex. Cry. Drink lots of water. Don’t eat too much. Consume mind-altering substances mindfully or not at all. Let everything old go. Celebrate how far you’ve come. You’re about to start everything over again. 

Don’t forget to breathe … breathe in. Breathe out. Release. Enjoy. Happy Full Moon. 🌝

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