Considering the origin of my food and helping my friends process their chickens

Earth-based lifestyles are multifaceted. While my own diet is mostly plant-based, I understand that different people have different needs and I respect the needs of each individual body and what people choose to eat. As an Earth-Based Lifestyle Coach, I believe in and support others in creating alignment with the mind, body, and planet. For some people, that might mean switching to a plant-based diet. Others might decide to make mindful choices about the types of meat they consume and its origin. I believe that all of us on this Earth-based path need to confront the realities of what we’re eating, where it comes from, how it is produced or raised, and by whom constantly. Even as someone with a plant-based diet, learning how to slaughter and process animals is one of the most profound experiences of my life. It’s not something I take lightly and yet, it’s knowledge I value deeply.

Yesterday, I helped my friends process their own chickens to support Merrybell Farm. They were kind enough to allow me to discuss the process and the reasons why I think it’s important to maintain this knowledge, share it more widely, and proceed mindfully.

Please be aware that a chicken is killed in this video, although I do not show it. My intention for this video is to offer a thoughtful, informative, and nuanced perspective on the choices we make every time we eat.

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