Getting Naked & Breaking Shit: Reflections on the Full Moon in Aquarius


Lately, I’ve been wondering if Adam awoke a bit groggy the morning after consuming perhaps a little too much of the Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and proclaimed, “Oh God! We’re NAKED!” I imagine that Eve rolled over, ran her hands through her hair, gently caressed her belly, snickered, said, “Duh … of COURSE we’re naked!” Eclipses can leave us all feeling like Adam. Eclipses, by definition, cut off the light to something familiar in order to assist us in seeing something that may otherwise be or feel hidden. They are times of revelation and revolution.

For quite awhile now, I have imagined that Eve already knew what was happening. When she shared the fruit with Adam, I imagine she was also sharing her own fruit. I imagine she was sharing secrets of womanhood, secrets of the Earth. After all, you must eat the fruit to know the garden. And I imagine that is what this eclipse season might be about … feminine secrets and opening up female and feminine knowledge, wild energy, erotic nature. I imagine a lot of wild feminine energy is about to be released over the next few weeks. We’re moving into a less centralized world. Right now, we’re in the middle of it … which facilitates chaos. Structures are being broken down. That’s what Aquarius (and its ruler, Uranus) does. It breaks shit down, breaks through, gets rid of extraneous matter. And of course, gets weird as frequently as possible. We’re still learning how to build structures that can support us and our ability to relate with one another equitably.

The upcoming partial lunar eclipse on Monday occurs during an Aquarian full moon. I have a very strong Aquarian sun … so this is thrilling to me, except that it’s going to be eclipsed and, in general, Aquarian energy will be eclipsed for the next month or so. Full moons are culmination points, energetic releases, releases of karma and personal qualities that no longer serve us. This moon connects strongly with knowing who ya people is. And knowing who ya people isn’t. This moon will allow people to harness the non-attached energy of Aquarius to let go of friends and networks of people who are not aligned with our purpose. And it won’t be emotional necessarily … because Aquarius is rational. Additionally, Venus in Cancer is a relationship balm, a heart balm. She can make everything ok by insisting that connection is the most important thing. And all this Leo energy wants to be loyal and generous. Like India Arie sings, this could be “like cocoa butter for my heart”.

You are coming into your purpose now. Some people know what that is and some people don’t. Regardless, it will be very clear that some people are in and some people are out. Aquarian energy is air energy like the swords in the tarot deck. Aquarius can cut. The solar eclipse, alternatively, will help initiate us into our purpose—whatever that might be—which is why aligning ourselves with those who can support us in our purpose now is so important.

This full moon and eclipse have a strong connection to liberation, to freeing us from the ties that bind. This IS the FREEYAHMIND moon! What are the beliefs, narratives and habits that you must release in order to walk freely through the world to fulfill your purpose? Some might be more obvious than others. Nail the obvious ones so that you can make room for the not-so-obvious ones. Prepare to be surprised. I have a friend who reminds me that Oya is not only the tornado, but also the warm gentle breeze. Eclipses are like that too. They can be either/or. They can be both/and. Expect the unexpected. Keep your heart and mind open. You never know what’s going to happen …

Full Moon Blessings

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