A Firm But Gentle Touch: The Leo/Aquarius Axis, the Wild Feminine, and Care as a Radical Form of Power

The energies are swirling around—and so am I. How about you? Over these past few days, the axis work that confronts us during full moons and even more during eclipses has been calling to me. Right now, and for the next few weeks, the Aquarius/Leo axis and the 5th House/11th House axis will remain illuminated. 

Recently, I’ve had a few revelations about the relationship between Leo and Aquarius. Leo is the Sun. The Sun is a star, a giant ball that lights up our world (literally) and gives energy to everything alive on our planet. The Sun is a product, an expression that results from a process–and Leo and the 5th House are spaces of expression–self expression. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Consider that Uranus is related to Uranium and that Uranium is a highly combustible and volatile element necessary for the production of nuclear energy. Astrologically, energetically, Uranus is the explosive nature that allows the Sun to continue shining. Aquarius is the air, the oxygen that keeps Leo burning. Aquarius is process. Leo is product. Intellect and rationality (Aquarian traits) are process-driven, process-oriented. Leo wants to SEE the art, read the book, listen to the music, watch the dance. Leo wants YOU to BE the book, the music, the dance, the art, the video.

The South Node is in Aquarius and the North Node is in Leo. The North Node is connected to energetic destiny—the ways in which we are called to show up in the world in order to do our work in the ways in which we agreed before we came into these bodies, into these lives. The South Node is the energy one has coming into this life. It is an energy to hold, but not hold onto. It is an energy to release to whatever extent is necessary in order to shift towards the energy of the North Node. The North Node is the energy which one needs to manifest in this life. The North Node’s location in transit exists in relationship with your own North Node and also indicates an energy that the collective needs to and/or will tend to manifest. This means that this period—particularly poignant when punctuated by a total solar eclipse in Leo—will tend to move towards more self-expression and away from collective action. Movement will be towards the self and away from the group. There is an air of selfishness—for many, necessarily so. Embrace it. Care for yourself. Make sure to care deeply for those you love most too … this Venus in Cancer energy creates a circumstance where care is strength, where nurturing is a radical form of power–shocking in some of the most beautiful and stark ways considering my normal expectations of the Wild Feminine.

I expected the Wild Feminine to run right out (get crazy, uncontrollable) during this time and, perhaps, the collective Wild Feminine WILL run right out at some point. But, surprisingly, my own feminine energy has taken a much gentler turn. I’ve felt a bubbling up–not of anger, not of militancy, but of softness, kindness, vulnerability, sensitivity. I’ve felt that quietest of revolutions, the real revolution–the return to the self, the inner self, the dark moist fecund space in which anything can be conceived.

I am reminded of what strength really looks like. Wanting to dominate another person–that isn’t strength. Neither is feminine strength just “taking it”. In fact, it is offering a nurturing sensibility, a tenderness, a touch that is firm yet gentle. It’s difficult to come in tune with the Earth if we can’t come in tune with our own bodies. It’s difficult to tune into our bodies if our minds are dominating them and our thoughts. Who even wants to come in tune with bodies that have been ravaged, traumatized, raped—as so many bodies and so many lines of ancestry have been physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? We are moving into a time to release trauma from individual and collective bodies. It’s a necessity for our very survival. What do you need to do to come in tune with your body? What forms of support do you need in order to feel safe sitting in your body even when it brings you so much pain (whether physical or emotional)? We store pain in our bodies. We release pain through our bodies. Do what you must to tune in to your body. And let whatever you do with and to your own body and the bodies of others be nothing other than radical and mutual acts of care.


Every chart is different. The ways in which transits emerge in people’s lives and how they need to interact with them are different. If you want to know more about how you can work with the energies in your charts, you can schedule a personal reading with me by emailing HilaryB130@gmail.com.

One thought on “A Firm But Gentle Touch: The Leo/Aquarius Axis, the Wild Feminine, and Care as a Radical Form of Power”

  1. Very enlightening. I can feel the energy of love come from others and I relay it to others. I feel the earth grounds me and the sun as it energizes me. I am a Leo woman in love with an Aquarius man.


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