“This is it. Don’t get scared now”: A Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo


Tomorrow is the day—the full solar eclipse. Much has occurred individually and collectively over the past two weeks since the Lunar eclipse. This Solar Eclipse has been much anticipated, not only because it will be total and directly over the U.S., but also because it is placed in such a way that the only option is complete change—individually and collectively. So much change can be scary, and I know many people’s lives are shifting dramatically right now—including my own. Tomorrow’s eclipse will end eclipse season. As an eclipse season ends, a new season of one’s life begins with a theme that tends to last at least until the next round of eclipses (starting January 31, 2018). Given the intensity of this eclipse, I think it’s safe to say that certain themes entering or re-entering our lives at this time will pervade our lives for several years to come.

The universe wants our energies to shift. The universe is calling people to their destinies in record numbers. The universe will not take no for an answer—so I recommend strongly heeding its call to pursue your destiny if you know what it is. If you don’t know what it is, this is the time to figure it out. If you’re not sure how to go about doing that, this is the time to find an advisor, coach, teacher, mentor, counselor, therapist, elder, and/or spiritual leader/director/advisor who can assist you in discerning your path. Don’t think about it—DO IT! You MUST! This call is not relegated to a particular spiritual sensibility, religion, or value system. People from all belief systems and all walks of life are being called, activated to their destinies in the forms that resonate with their souls. What is it for you?

A total solar eclipse is all or nothing. It is not the time to dilly-dally or be wishy-washy. Be all in or get all out. A solar eclipse empowers the Moon—the feminine cuts the masculine off in a most literal way. It activates lunar energy. I read somewhere that a solar eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids. This is a time to set your soul on fire (remember–Leo is the Sun, fire). This is a time to dream your wildest dreams. This is a time to set intentions for things whose actual possibility you question. GO LONG! This is the time! But whatever you ask for, be prepared to receive it. If you’ve been working to build something, be prepared to open your doors because people, all of a sudden, could come rushing out of the woodwork. If you’ve been dreaming of something, be prepared to have the help you need appear, seemingly out of nowhere. As a dear friend said to me today, the dam is about to break.

This solar eclipse will not only activate lunar energy generally, it will activate specifically your own natal lunar energy. It will take you to the places where you feel safest and most secure. It will activate you to come into alignment with the spaces and activities that leave you feeling most comfortable. And then it will be very clear about the ways in which those spaces are a piece of your destiny. This Solar Eclipse is close to the North Node of the Moon. The North Node of the Moon is a point in your chart that indicates your energetic destiny. This point’s proximity to the eclipse foreshadows our callings into our destinies, our purpose.

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon cuts off the Sun. Astrologically, this means that some piece of your Sun is being cut off, while a piece of your Moon is being illuminated more than usual. During this eclipse, you are being called to manifest more of your own Lunar energy in conjunction with the energy of your North Node as well as the energy of Leo. You are being called to transform your work into forms of self expression (Leo). And yet, let us not forget that less that 24 hours later, the Moon will enter Virgo and the Sun will follow suit later this week.

Virgo is the sign of service. She is paradoxical in that she loves to serve others, and yet, as the virgin, she belongs to no one but herself and her higher power. We are being called into service—armed service, with our primary weapons being our voices, our art, and our love. Your destiny is your service to the world. These are the final hours, literally, to let everything go that no longer serves you. You will not want to or be able to bring what you’re carrying with you into your new life. Whatever you’ve been feeling over the past few weeks is the release of karma. We’ve all had work to do. If you’ve done your work, be prepared for overwhelming gifts that could be deep challenges that reveal just how beautiful and soulful you really are. For me, I know this is my last chance. And there are others in the same boat. And this time, we’re ready—well, as ready as we’ll ever be, as ready as we can be. Like Kevin McCallister says in Home Alone, “This is it. Don’t get scared now.”

Enjoy the eclipse. This week will be like getting married—overwhelming, emotional, stressful, and fun all at the same time. So enjoy it! Because it will fly past. And when it’s over, there is going to be work to do. Lots and lots of work. But the Sun will be in Virgo by the end, and she LOVES to work. So she will help you.

Go get it.

Solar Eclipse Blessings.

One thought on ““This is it. Don’t get scared now”: A Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo”

  1. Ohmygoodness…I read this Sunday, felt empowered, then put it in the back of my mind. Today I had a horribly rocky, emotional start where I questioned everything in my life. Then a most incredible email came with an incredible and unexpected job opportunity! Thank you, dear one. I just re-read your post and feel like I can, indeed, embrace this roller coaster of renewal. ❤


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