Don’t Piss Off a Lioness and Other Tips for Traversing the Current Energetic Terrain

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Today, Mars and Mercury are conjunct in Leo–and still closely Trine (in beneficial relationship with) Uranus in Aries. I have read a lot about the challenges of these aspects. Mars, Mercury, and Uranus can be a bit like a fraternity house the first week of the new school year. But I would like to offer an alternative perspective, to offer a challenge to their challenge, because these external energies are reflections of our internal energies and we will have to deal with them one way or the other. So we might as well figure out how to work with them. This combination can be aggressive explosive communication. Yelling, screaming, throwing shit, saying horrible things to yourself, the people you love, and the people you love to hate, playing pranks on one another and hazing freshmen.

Mercury and Mars could spend their day being angry, irritable, aggressive and wreaking havoc. And, undoubtedly, there will be a bit of this peaking through in the world. We have these energies inside of us, too, and we can choose to engage our own Mars and Mercury energies to wreak havoc in our lives. But I don’t think that’s a productive use of these energies–particularly given the massive amount of aggression pervading the world right now. That’s not what I want today–not for myself, not for the people I love, not for anyone. I have a choice about how I express and move my own energy, so I want to consider this perspective instead, and I invite you to do the same …

It’s true that Mars represents anger and aggression. It’s also true that he is passion, desire and courage. Mercury, yes, is the trickster–a real pain in the ass, as so many of us have determined over these past few weeks. It’s also true that he represents all communication and that he holds a lot of information. He has the capacity to analyze data better than anyone else–particularly right now, with the Sun in his sign of Virgo, the researcher. Leo is fiery and self-centered. He is also courageous, loyal and expressive. Uranus breaks. But he can also deconstruct what needs to be released in productive ways, given the right circumstances. And here are some circumstances where these energies might want to discern how they can play well together and with others …

Mercury and Mars are not alone in Leo. Venus is there, too. Venus represents love, connection, beauty and abundance/affluence–things I would guess many of us want to call into our lives right now and most of the time. Venus is Mars’ favorite lover, so I don’t expect he’ll want to piss her off right now—especially since he knows that, in Leo, Venus is bold, courageous and expressive herself (a.k.a. SOOOOO sexy!). With this sort of energy, we can be ever productive if we communicate (Mercury) with Venus in ways that are bold, courageous (Leo & Mars) and passionate (Mars). Communicate to Venus (the one within and the one without) that you desire her and then demonstrate it by telling her all of the ways you want her (love, money, connection, abundance, affluence, beauty, attractiveness and attraction) in your life.

In Leo, Venus is the Lioness. And the Lioness is IT! The Lioness not only births and raises the young, she also does the hunting. She is stealthy, grounded and calm unless you threaten her or her children, unless you piss her off. I really don’t recommend pissing off a Lioness. It’s detrimental to your health. She tears through the flesh of enormous beasts for a living. The male Lion is a most noble creature because of his pride for his pride. He respects the Lioness not by protecting her vulnerability or by trying to conjure her weaknesses, but by remaining fiercely loyal to her power. He holds space, so that he can watch her express the fullness of her beauty, the fullness of her truth, the fullness of her being. He does not try to repress, stifle or quiet her. He receives pleasure from and through the fierceness of her pleasure. He receives pleasure not by trying to take her life force away from her, but by watching her unique life force rush through her and overflow from her. He does not try to “tame” her. He wants to stimulate her innate wildness and then revel in it. He wants to bathe in her overflowing outpouring energy for days and days and days. Now that? That’s the sort of thing I can support and today is a day that we can create that if we’re very conscious of how we move our energy.

Find your Lioness. Be the Lioness. Stimulate the Lioness. Express your desire for her passion to erupt and shower over you like a soothing rain. Be creative and bold. Let your inner Lioness roar and take pleasure in her power. Find pleasure in your passion and desire. Let that lead you. Let those be the words that precede you. This is a new time. Are you ready?



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