Whirling Dervishes and Mermaids Shop at The Container Store®: A Guide to the Full Moon in Pisces

Abstract splash turquoise sea water for background

Digital collage by Hilary

Every day is different. Movable. Fluid. Changeable. This is true for everyone, but those with strong Pisces energy in their charts feel this reality the strongest. They also deal with it the best … when they (we *cough*) actually decide to deal with it. Pisces is the 12th and final house of the Zodiac–where we become one with Source, where we become one with our Creator. Everything blurs. Everything becomes one. Everything is fantastically fluid. Everything is mutable. Everything can be healed. Anything can be transformed. Pisces is boundless deep water, endless compassion, the spirit world embodied in every possible way. It is unconditional love. It is unconditional. Period. Problematically even … sometimes. This week, the Moon will illuminate the fullness of her expression in this energetic playing field–emanating its energy everywhere.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, God of the Sea. He rules dreams, illusions, delusions. He is also the great healer, the shaman of the Zodiac. He rules our own fluidity–whether in the form of boundless compassion, the ability to traverse multiple dimensions, or in the form of being inclined to consume mind-altering substances. This week, you might find yourself becoming more fluid. You might find yourself feeling intoxicated in love, intoxicated in meditation. You may wonder if what you feel is real or illusion. My personal perspective is that it doesn’t really matter if it’s bringing you closer to source, closer to your truth, closer to yourself. Nonetheless, it’s a good week to remain sober.

How you will feel this Moon depends on where Pisces and Neptune exist in your chart. But there are certain things that you may feel regardless. As I already mentioned, Pisces is the most spiritual sign, so you may feel closer to your spirituality, to your god, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, to your creator or source than normal. You may become ecstatic like the whirling dervishes and find an unquenchable thirst for love like Rumi. You may find a love within you so deep that you can hardly breathe, hardly move. A love that makes you so dizzy (unless it’s just the whirling), that you must lie down and close your eyes and lay your hands upon your own heart. And then you might realize, perhaps for the first time, that the heart you hold is whole.

You may move through portals, ascend to the next level, or start astral traveling through alternate dimensions. Your dreamscape could get really interesting. Pay attention to your dreams this week. They want to tell you something–what do you need to let go of? What do you need to conjure? Perhaps you’re being connected to your own psychic capacity and they’re premonitions. Pisces is the sign of psychic activity, after all. I won’t lie. A Pisces Full Moon can be a scary time–in a way, like a Scorpio Full Moon (they’re both water signs after all). Scorpio may be the veil between worlds, but Pisces is the wave that comes up on the shore and pulls what you thought was protected under water. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Pisces full moon happens right in the middle of hurricane season. It can pull you under water literally. It can also pull you under water spiritually, emotionally, metaphorically. And when it does, you must either learn how to breathe under water or ensure there’s a mermaid near by to save you with a breath of Oxygen.

Pisces is the most emotional sign. Everyone has Pisces in their charts. Everyone has an area of their lives that houses infinite emotion (even if they don’t express it). These emotions and sensibilities are usually gifts from goddesses, even as they can sometimes feel like curses. These emotions are what create some of the most beautiful and remarkable pieces of art, music, literature, dance, creative productions of all kinds (which is why Venus is exalted in Pisces). Let your feelings emerge. Make your desires known. Allow yourself to feel–even when it’s scary. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. Allowing yourself to feel is a measure of how much you have healed and have yet to heal. Pisces is the Giver of the Zodiac. Pisces reminds us that our lives aren’t ours, that our deepest desires are given to us to move us to our greater destiny. They’re given to us to transform ourselves and the world–and they absolutely do, when they’re channeled well.

Pisces energy, though, needs a good solid container–or perhaps a whole SET of good solid containers. Pisces exists on a continuum whose other end is Virgo. And Virgo OWNS The Container Store®! Virgo has a container for EVERYTHING! And that’s good. That’s what Pisces needs–The Container Store®. Virgo is an Earth sign. It’s also the sign of health, the body, assessment. When you start to feel all that Pisces energy overflowing everywhere, call on Virgo. Virgo is the one who can catch the fluid and hold it in a container made just for that particular form of energy. Finally, Pisces can liquidate like no other … Pisces can make money appear out of thin air …. But unchecked (aka without Virgo), all that money will flow on out as quickly as it flowed in. So if you expect that this Moon might bring you some extra cash (or increasing your cash flow dramatically), you might want to open another bank account or consider a variety of ways to invest all that’s coming to you. And may it all be exactly what you’ve been praying for.

Full Moon Blessings.

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