The Practice of Being Weird: A Reflection on the New Moon in Virgo

Happy New Moon in Virgo. As I’ve written before, this year’s new Moons have felt very intense–more like the sensation I normally associate with full Moons. This Moon is no different. Can you feel it?

Typically, Virgo can be a tough cookie. Virgo works hard–at the little stuff. She’s the best researcher. She separates, differentiates, organizes and cleans. She is the most discerning woman on the planet. And yet, Virgo is also an Earth sign–perhaps the Earthiest of Earth signs. It is the sign that most represents the Earth as a living breathing entity. And similarly, Virgo is the sign of the body, the sign of physical wellness. Virgo is associated with digestion (physical and intellectual–hence why a great researcher) and loves to purge. Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) is also in Virgo and today he’s opposite of Neptune in Pisces. As Mercury is Virgo’s ruler, Neptune is Pisces’ ruler. That’s a strong opposition. We can feel it as a fight–an internal battle between these energies that we all possess. Or we can see it as a duality with the capacity for infinite expression–especially the expression that can be released when the body (Virgo) and the spirit (Pisces) are aligned. It can feel good to be so particular and expansive. It can feel good to bask in an ocean of eternal oneness with those who are aligned with your truth, with those who are safe. But be sure that you know the difference between safety and comfort. Sometimes, what feels comfortable is unsafe and what feels uncomfortable is actually the safe thing. We weren’t all taught this. We weren’t all offered the chance to make these distinctions. As we grow and mature, it’s our responsibility to learn how to make these distinctions through our healing, through our calls to wholeness.

Neptune, God of the Sea, is also considered to be the higher octave of Venus. He represents unconditional love and the infinite capacity to heal (as if our sense of wellness and feeling good are the ultimate currency–which they are). He is the one who can lead you on your healing journey … though, his tactics might seem a bit unconventional–something that could become more apparent today and over the next couple of days. Don’t be afraid to do something that feels strange to you in order to heal what’s asking you to be healed right now. Take time to honor this Moon and ask yourself what’s asking you to heal it. 

Virgo is the Virgin–not a woman who is celibate, but a woman who belongs only to herself and god, a woman whose sexual expression is a means of healing, of bringing those with whom she has sex closer to God and closer to their own internal divine. And that’s where she can come into unity with Neptune. While Pisces is the sign of spirituality, Virgo is the sign of spiritual practice. Virgo is the sign of ritual. I don’t think I ever thought of Mercury as having a spiritual nature. But it makes sense, since he represents and rules the mind. 

Virgo is the sign of discipline–consistent commitment to the self, to another, to an idea, to that which is greater than any one of us. This is a good time to choose a spiritual practice, a daily ritual, and stick to it. Whether that’s writing, fasting, praying, meditating, drinking tea, saying grace, going to the gym, or engaging in any number of forms of self-care and/or self love–what will help you bring structure into your life and bring you closer to the divine? Pick something. Do it. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly. That’s not the point. The point isn’t perfection, it’s practice. Daily practice. It won’t look the same everyday. It won’t feel the same everyday. Some days, you might bypass it altogether–try not to, but be kind to yourself when things don’t happen, when things don’t happen perfectly, when things don’t happen exactly as you planned. There are few things more powerful than consistent commitment, than offering yourself the opportunity to focus on one thing, one important goal, one important outcome. Every. Single. Day. Whether the outcome is what you thought it was going to be or not isn’t the point. The point is the practice, and if you practice consistently everyday, I promise you that you will receive an outcome that’s desirable, even if unpredictable–perhaps, unpredictably amazing.

We are moving into a time when spiritual practice is more important than ever, when being open about how that is defined and where it can be done acceptably are more important than ever. I believe Mercury will be an important part of that process. Mercury and the Moon might be a bit of an odd couple–but the beauty of odd couples is their potential to create something new, something different, something deliciously WEIRD. Allow this Moon to help you find a person, an energy, a spirit that you wouldn’t otherwise converse with or call upon. Be committed to kindness. Be committed to being productive in your relationship with this person or part of yourself. Set a goal. Be creative in how you approach it. Be unconventional. Be open to letting Neptune in, to allowing his healing staff to touch your body and your mind. There is an incredible energy to facilitate major shifts in energy over the next couple of weeks, to be productive. Virgo loves to work. Do the work. Keep the practice. Stay committed to you, your dreams, your desires, your purpose, and the people you love. Keep going. I am rooting for you. Be blessed.

New Moon Blessings

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I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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2 thoughts on “The Practice of Being Weird: A Reflection on the New Moon in Virgo”

  1. I had a moment tonight where something came into my mind out of nowhere and I followed it, and an opportunity appeared…literally before my eyes. I decided to revisit this post and read it more deeply. Thank you for this boost of confidence: “Do the work. Keep the practice. Stay committed to you, your dreams, your desires, your purpose, and the people you love. Keep going. I am rooting for you.” I am going to jump in and see where this opportunity leads me.

    I also desperately need a writing ritual to re-set myself and help me re-engage with my dissertation writing. One of the things I am just realizing I can do (because of this post) is organize my day differently to be able to write when I am most energized – late afternoon/early evening.

    Anyhow, tired ramblings from a loving friend. Thank you, as always, for your posts. ❤

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