Frienemies, Healing the Feminine & Harvest: Reflections on the Autumnal Equinox


Friday, September 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra. Summer will end and Autumn will come rushing in. Here’s to letting go and letting everything flow. Here’s to not caring what anyone else thinks–not your dad, not your ex-girlfriend, not your 7th grade teacher, not that dude rauwing you on the corner, not that person at work who just wants to make everyone else as miserable as she is, and definitely not the voices in your head (aka Demons) that hold you down, oppress you, repress you, and tell you to do things that hurt you. Here’s to being honest, to communicating, and to finding balance. Libra doesn’t give you what you want. Libra gives you what you need … with beauty and class.

Libra initiates Autumn–a season of both full expression/harvest and of letting go, release, moving inward. Libra represents the 7th House of the Zodiac–the house of partnership. So perhaps, this Autumnal initiation is both a movement inward towards the self AND a movement towards and with another. This is the season of return. True connection with another always returns you to pieces of yourself. Even though the season (in the northern hemisphere) represents a movement towards darkness, the 7th House on the wheel of your chart is the first house in which you move out into the world. It is the most important house for representing your closest partnerships with others–close friends, romantic partners, business partners, and of course–frenemies. Watch out for the frienemies. Keep them in that liminal space–friend AND enemy. Libra is balance. If you decide to make them friend or enemy, you’ll tip the scales. As I told Stacey Herrera recently, I think we place too much or at least the wrong emphasis on balance. But this is the season of balance in all things.

Virgo (where most of the energy is focused currently, and out of which the sun travels on the Equinox) is in the 6th House–the house of health and wellness. Maybe you need to drop weight (these are the scales after all). Maybe you need to drop the weight you’re carrying around about needing to lose weight–especially if you’re healthy, active, and feel good about yourself. Maybe it’s time for us to redefine what health looks like and refocus on what health feels like. Notice that Virgo comes before Libra. Being well precedes partnership. But partnerships (even frienemy-ships) bring equilibrium–returns to yourself, returns to parts of yourself that you need before you get too out of control, too stuck in being on way … or the other.

Here in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states of the U.S., leaves are starting to change … and so are you. What are you dropping? What do you need to drop? What do you want to drop? Autumn is also the season of harvest. What are you harvesting? What do you want to harvest? What do you need to harvest to get you through the darkness and introspection of Winter?

Notice … Notice … Notice.

Libra is a sign of art–but certain types of art. The art of writing. The art of debate and deliberation. The art of judgment. The art of politics. Libra is the sign of sophistication. Consider that Libra, ruled by Venus, lives right between Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Scorpio (ruled by Pluto). Perhaps Libra is the breeze that flows along the shore between the Earth and the Ocean. Libra is an expression of Venus that must exist partially in relationship with the mind (Mercury) and the deepest part of your being (Scorpio)–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This makes it a good time for healing the womb–especially since Libra also represents a certain form of feminine medicine (consider the cross between political intellectual sophistication and Venus’ capacity for abundance).

The Earth is not quaking & shaking because it wants to destroy us. If it wanted to do that, it could have years ago, as it has to thousands of species during this, the sixth mega-extinction. The Earth is responding to the energy we have thrown at it. That abrasive and aggressive energy, that energy of non-mutuality, has become lodged inside of her, and now she needs to release it so she can heal. She is not trying to hurt us. She wants us to know that she wants to heal. She wants us to know that she wants to be in relationship with us. Mutual. Relationship. She wants us to serve her so that she can serve us.

She doesn’t want us dumping lots of toxins on her and into her in order to suppress her. She wants to exist in full expression. The female body is the same. The female energy in any body, regardless of its composition or shape or form, is the same. I expect this month could bring about new expressions of feminine intelligence. And perhaps, even, some humor. Because you must laugh to heal. Did you know that the Earth loves to see you laugh? The body loves to feel you laugh. Laughter releases hormones that help you to heal. But back to partnerships … find friends and partners (and, yes, even frienemies) that make you laugh. Because a lot of bullshit comes up when two people agree to move inward together. Laughter is the breath that creates space for movement … so that you can go just a little deeper than you have before. It’s the same as breath in yoga.

A lot has happened since last month’s eclipse season … it’s been pretty overwhelming for a lot of us, to be honest. But all that has occurred is also preparing us for new ways of being, for stepping out into the world and in towards ourselves and those we love. Right now, you can get a lot done and let a lot go. You can collect what you need and disconnect from all of the things from your past holding you back. Do it. If you don’t choose to do it, the Universe, the Earth, and/or your body will choose to do it for you. I recommend the former. It’s time to move forward.

Autumn Blessings, loves.

Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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