Balance, Bourbon and Being Your Own Bad-Ass Self: A Guide to the Full Moon in Aries


Today, as the Sun continues to move through Libra (ruled by Venus), the Moon is at her culmination in the sign opposite of Libra—Aries.


The same Aries that is ruled by Mars, the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries represents the House of Self. He is the sign of self … self-sufficiency. Self-centeredness. Self-starting. Self-interested. Aries is independent. Fiercely. Aries wants to do it his way. Aries needs his independence. Aries will push through … he is the pressure that allows bulbs to turn inside out. He is the energy that busts through frozen Earth at the start of Spring. He presses out. He presses in. And he will press in to you if you allow him to … give him an inch and he’ll take a mile. And then, he’ll try to claim you with his war flag. But don’t you dare try to claim him with yours. That isn’t his way … Aries is committed to one thing … himself.

It isn’t good. It isn’t bad. It just is. Though, there’s something else …

When Aries comes into your life, if you’re willing to do the work, he can teach you better than anyone else how to be committed to YOUR self. People will talk smack about Aries’ selfishness. You might want to hate him. But what greater gift exists than learning how to be your most independent self? What greater gift exists than one’s very existence FORCING you to find your truth and live it fully. Every. Single. Day. It’s not like he doesn’t LIKE you! He just doesn’t want to take CARE of you! He wants you to take care of yourself. He wants you to know HOW to take care of yourself, so that when he returns from war, you will be there, shining brightly, sophisticated, beautiful, vibrant, and creating your own happy life. Because that’s the woman he loves most. She is the one who drives him to return, to be more than a soldier, to be a faithful warrior in every aspect of his life. And today, this week, that is what he’s wanting from you. He knows it’s hard sometimes. But he also knows that you are so strong—stronger than he is. You are a warrior of your own kind. This week, he is reminding you to take care of you, to do you, to make sure you’re set up to succeed in life as a result of your own work, your own effort, your own intelligence, your own ingenuity—not because he wants to be an asshole, but because he wants you to know how it feels to create your own success. And because nothing turns him on more than a woman who can do herself, care for herself, create her own success, and still find time and space and ways to pour her immense beauty, sophistication, and charm into his battle wounds and wrap them up with her love. Look … if you can figure out how to do THAT? 😳 ALL THE HEAT! ALL THE FIYA! You better hope that if you’re a marshmallow this week, you’re SOAKED in bourbon!

Also …

Not only is the Moon full in the sign ruled by Mars, but today, Mars and Venus unite in Virgo. Aries, at his extreme, is the rugged individual who doesn’t care about anyone else. Here in the U.S. (and the rest of the world, as a result), we have been experiencing and witnessing the detrimental effects of rugged individualism since January. Libra (the opposite sign ruled by Venus) at her extreme is codependency. Co-dependency … they have meetings for that, you know. But every two years, the two come together. Mars at his finest is passionate, driven, action-oriented. Venus at her finest is beautiful, sophisticated, and has that twinkle in her eye that can cool Mars down just at that moment when he’s about to blow up. The Sun is in Libra. The Moon is in Aries. Masculine energy in a feminine sign. Feminine energy in a masculine sign. This lunation is all about the balance between masculine and feminine energy—between drive and receptivity, between give and take, between action and attraction. When Mars and Venus come together, the right action attracts your greatest desires. When they’re in Virgo, they can help bring balance to your health, your daily rituals and your ability to organize your life. When they come together while Aries and Libra are illuminated, it’s also possible that you might encounter or deepen your connection with your equal but opposite energy, a true match, a soulmate, twin flame(?)—maybe long term, maybe short term.

These energies present themselves as Jupiter concludes his year-long transit through Libra. He’s been wanting to show us what we really want and need in our relationships over the past year. He’s been wanting to show us both what we need to manifest and need to release in our committed partnerships—our committed romantic and sexual partnerships, our closest friendships, our committed business partnerships, and of course, our frienemies. At the very least, this next week will feel like a final review of these needs and wants. Even if that person you’re looking for doesn’t magically appear or re-appear in your life, you will know what you want, you will know what you need. You will also know who you want and need to be in order to create the proper environment in order for healthy partnerships to grow and evolve.

There’s a lot of energy in this Moon. There are opportunities to get shit done—whether internally or externally. There’s a lot of fire. Drink water. Keep breathing. This Moon wants you to find balance—but finding balance isn’t a direct route. It’s dynamic. It’s messy. It’s constantly moving back and forth. It is mixing and testing, mixing and testing, until you achieve just the right alchemical state. Take care of yourself today and always. Be prepared to care for you, because no one knows better than you how to do that.

All my Love,

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