Healing through Pleasure and Pain: Jupiter Transits into Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018

This week, on Tuesday, Jupiter transmitted into Scorpio.

Jupiter. The Great Benefic. He is lucky. He wants to bring you good things. He loves bestowing you with gifts. He expands everything he touches—for better or worse. He is the energy of exploration—physical, spiritual, and intellectual. He rules distant travel, publishing, higher education, philosophy, and religion. The sign he transits and the house of your chart that he transits will be emphasized and a little more in your face over the next year.

Scorpio, the 8th sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of death, rebirth, sex and sexuality, psychological intimacy, shadow, deep psychological healing, and the veil that separates worlds and dimensions. Scorpio is deep penetration—physical, emotional, and psychological. It’s the Scorpion. The Scorpion stings—and so can Scorpio if you threaten him. Scorpio forgives, but never forgets. Scorpio wants to be your one and only. He wants to bring you a passion you’ve never experienced before.

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, these themes of sex and sexuality, death and rebirth, shadow and psychological healing, intimacy and penetration become more expansive, become themes that emerge more frequently. This comes in the form of scandals of sex, sexuality, sexual abuse. It can also manifest itself in the form of a sexual revolution. Perhaps those who have been polyamorous will decide to engage in a monogamous relationship for deeper intimacy. Perhaps the monogamous will decide that they want to explore having multiple partners. Perhaps, during this time, a collective consciousness will start shifting more towards the possibility of having intimacy without attachment. This might be especially potent when the Sun is in Aquarius.

These themes are fairly common and well established in poly-oriented and Queer communities. I anticipate that this time will continue to advance equality for these communities. I also anticipate that this could mean moving beyond questions of gay marriage, who is allowed in the military (though issues surrounding LGBTQQIA+ in the military could be emphasized), and the presence of people who identify as Queer in a multitude of social and cultural spaces. I anticipate that we can now move into a time where the perspectives, theories, narratives, and mindsets of queer communities could also be emphasized enough to start being integrated into dominant culture, which could facilitate an overall shift in values and beliefs around sex and sexuality.

Psychological healing will also be a dominant theme—especially that which is related to sex and sexuality. This could mean the healing of people in Queer communities and apologies for their mistreatment historically. It could also mean a shift in how we think about rape across various cultural landscapes and a shift in how we think about healing it physically and emotionally, individually and collectively.

As always, whatever hits one sign also hits the opposite sign because opposite signs work like spokes in a wheel. The sign opposite Scorpio is Taurus. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the axis of worth—your self-worth and your worth in relationship with other people. It’s also an axis of the mind/body connection. Taurus is an Earth sign related to visceral pleasure, pleasure through the senses and that which feels good to the body—but Taurus tends to remain skin deep. Scorpio wants to take that pleasure into the body and shoot it into the mind. The energy that’s pleasure in Taurus wants to be transformed into the healing of Scorpio. Pleasure is healing—physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

And yet, Scorpio is also deep, dark, shadow work, death, and rebirth. The pleasure of the body is a necessity for true psycho-spiritual healing. Peace of mind is a necessity for physical healing. And they go back. And forth. And back. And forth. Like a dance. Like a pendulum. Like making love. Like call and response. Like a tennis match. Like ping pong. Up and down like a yoyo. And most likely, these are the things that will emerge. Dark secrets will give way to darker secrets. But in the light, somewhere between Scorpio and Taurus, they will be transformed through the relationship between Venus and Pluto into something deep and pleasurable—like food, like poetry, like art, like dance, like some new crazy form of music that no one has ever heard before that bursts forth onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere. And the respite will allow you to go deeper, to heal more, to return to that which you didn’t think you could return to, to take you to places you didn’t think you could go. And the deeper the pain, the deeper the healing, the deeper the pleasure that can be achieved.

Yes—Scorpio is intense. Intensely dark. Intensely deep. Intensely healing. Intensely destructive. Intensely penetrative/penetrating. Intensely passionate. Intensely angry. Intensely jealous. Intensely vindictive. Intensely loyal. And of course, intensely sexy … if you’re into that sort of thing. It could be a wild ride. But, somehow, you’ll find a way to handle it. Don’t get caught up in all of the intensity, though. Have some fun with it! And don’t ever forget to laugh.

If you want to learn more about how this transit is going to affect your chart over the next year, please contact me via email at HilaryB130@gmail.com for further information about obtaining a personalized reading.

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