Working Hard, Playing Hard and Finding Balance in the Humidor: A Guide to the New Moon in Libra

FYM - New Moon in Libra 2017

Today, there’s a new moon in Libra.

Libra is represented by scales. They represent balance. They represent duality. Libra has the capacity to be whatever you need to recalibrate your life. Libra is ruled by Venus—sophisticated, cultured, virtuous, is Libra. Libra is also an equal-opportunity offender. Libra doesn’t play favorites—which is why Libras make great judges and politicians. They are fair—whether you like it or not. But often, they’re pretty funny, even in their offenses. They have the ability to calculate and decide—even as Libra sometimes can be stifled by indecisiveness. And so it goes … duality.

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. The 7th house is the house of relationships. Libra will always have a relational tinge to it, regardless of where it falls in your chart. Since Jupiter just completed a year-long stint in Libra, we’re all in a recalibration phase in terms of what we want and need in the particular relationships in which we find ourselves as well as in what we need from and how we perceive our relationships generally. These could be romantic relationships, close friendships, and business partnerships. Perhaps you’re finding that what you thought you wanted in relationships is not what you want in relationships now. If that’s true, if you’re wanting to shift your relational dynamics, this is a good new moon to ask for something different, to ask for what you really want over the next 6 months, over the next year. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Libra is ruled by Venus. This Moon is in Libra (as is Venus) and it’s in a bit of a challenging relationship with Pluto. Lots of Venusian energy and lots of Plutonian energy. Pluto and Venus aren’t always the best of friends, but they’re neighbors and they figure out how to get along. The space between them is an interesting one and it’s one that we’re exploring as the moon rebirths herself.

But when Pluto and Venus do the work, when they really get along with one another, it looks like that artwork that leaves you sobbing on the ground in front of it, your heart aching. It reminds me of this mannequin I once saw in New Orleans—her frail body was draped over a chair and her face expressed agony, but she was so open, so exposed, adorned in a dress composed of several layers of flowing delicate peaches and pinks. Pluto and Venus, at their best, sit in a humidor at midnight feeding each other jalapeños filled with black cherry coulis dipped in dark chocolate and drinking cognac. Can you IMAGINE? They have the late nights, the kind that most people can’t even imagine. And the next day, they return to their own lives, doing their own thing, renewed with energy and creativity that they couldn’t have received from anyone else. Their love is unspoken, but it flows into and through everything they do.

How do you move from socially acceptable Libra into “taboo” Scorpio? Uranus is loosely opposing this New Moon—which makes these couple of days intense, but assists these strange transitions as we move into a new energetic and dimensional makeup, where definitions of taboo and acceptability are changing. And whenever a paradigm shift is really needed – who you gonna call? URANUS!!! He will break everything apart so that it can be put back together again. So, how do you make the transition? You ask for what you want. You do what feels right. You let things fall as they will. And you let the universe take care of the rest. Somewhere, there’s a balance, there’s something fertile. And you’ll find it. You’ll always find what you’re looking for. But with the Moon being born in Libra, I’d look for it in the beautiful spaces. Libra is an air sign and super smart—but smart in beautiful ways. Tap into your aesthetic intelligence.

If you’re feeling tired because you’ve been taking intelligent action towards your dreams, take heart. Your work is paying off. These shifts are taking you into the next phase, the next space, for some, even into the next dimension. You are about to see the fruits of your labor. Keep going—not at the expense of your health. PLEASE! Take CARE of yourself! But keep going to the best of your ability. You’re about to achieve some things that might be a bit unexpected. We all are. For some of us, that might be external—things that everyone can see, things that are measurable like good grades or book sales or unexpected flows of income or new relationships. For some of us, it might be internal, like finally owning your own truth, like living more fully into who you are, like finding the balance between your own internal masculine and feminine energy. These things can’t be measured in numbers, but they are felt by us, by those who know us, and by those who are energetically sensitive and aware. Many of us will be experiencing both—as within, so without. As without, so within. This is a concept that Libra understands—what happens on one side, happens on the other side. As far as you can go in one realm, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s a beautiful reality. It’s tough reality. It’s dynamic. It’s called balance. And you go back and forth until you break through. Don’t be afraid of the breaks. They want to take you higher, higher than you’ve ever been before.

Happy New Moon 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Working Hard, Playing Hard and Finding Balance in the Humidor: A Guide to the New Moon in Libra”

  1. Every time I read one of these written gifts you give to the world, I am stilled a bit in my own journey. A pause that allows me to reflect and SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. Thank you, love.

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