Fluidity, Fearlessness & Being Tamed by The Trickster: Reflections on the Week of Samhain

FYM - Samhain 2017

Happy Samhain. Happy Halloween.

In my life, I apply a principle that respects that time and space are always shifting and changing. We understand them by constructing meaning and applying it to them. But the more constructs one encounters, the more one is lifted from the constraints of believing that time or space (or anything else) can only be organized a certain way. Time and space are fluid. Fluids, by definition, take the shape of their container.  This week, the universe provides little more than a riverbed for time and space–a riverbed of Amazonian proportion. The days that move from October into November (yet another construct) flow in one continuous wave of time that ebbs and flows, space that expands and contracts. When the veil is this thin, the distinctions are difficult to make, the boundaries blur. This is the time of transformation. This is the time when we have the greatest access to other dimensions, the greatest access to our ancestors and to the entire spirit world.

If you are an energetically sensitive person, this is a good week to lay low. This is a good week to stay sober. This is a good week to ground yourself. Eat root vegetables. Take plenty of sea salt. Put out an extra bowl of salt. This is a good week to protect yourself spiritually. Don’t be afraid to draw lines in the sand. Don’t be afraid to draw lines with salt. Don’t be afraid to do an extra sweep or 5. But most of all–don’t be afraid. Don’t fear the spirit world. Don’t fear the human world.

Despite how shitty we humans can be to one another, we are the spirit world. The human world is just the spirit world embodied. Eventually, the spirits that most people can’t see will be embodied once again and the spirits who we see in the flesh will be rendered invisible once again. We are in a period of the year where spirits—embodied or not—are easier to see. I believe we are coming to a time in our evolution where more people are starting to see and will continue to be in tune with the spirit world because it’s an evolutionary necessity. Our ancestors want to help us and they can only do so if they can communicate with us in all of the ways that they do.

This week, you have immense access to your ancestors. The importance of connecting with your ancestors can’t be overemphasized—whatever this means for you in your personal life, practice, and system(s) of choice. This week, people from many spiritual systems, cultures, and religions celebrate and connect with their physical, spiritual, cultural, and philosophical ancestors. This is a good week to get a reading, to connect with a medium, to sweep one extra time, to be a little more superstitious than you might be otherwise. This is not a good week to engage in new spiritual or energetic practices or try to connect with the spirit world in new ways if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Many of us who practice Earth-based spirituality celebrate the beginning of the year this week. We celebrate. We also protect ourselves in all the ways we know how. After all, that is the point of Halloween—spiritual protection. Now—I don’t always agree with the ways in which that protection is employed, how Halloween has evolved, or how various spiritual energies are represented and misrepresented. Nonetheless, I understand that Halloween is rooted in the negotiation between spiritual protection and spiritual receptivity, between deference and dissent, between Heaven and Earth, between Heaven and Hell. Through the development of my own spirituality and relationships in the spirit world, I have learned that angels can be demons and demons can be angels. Trick or treat! Trick or treat? This is the season of the Trickster.

Our identities are ever shifting. No spirit is inherently good or bad–but that doesn’t mean that certain spirits aren’t good and bad for you specifically or for me particularly. The practice of spirituality, the practice of learning energy, the practice of discerning spirits allows us to become familiar with which energies and spirits are good for us at which times and which energies and spirits are bad for us at which times. The energy spirit with whom I collaborate well today may not be the spirit with whom I collaborate well tomorrow. When I remain attuned to myself, it’s easy for me to make that distinction.

Part of me hesitates to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway … I think this discernment is a bit easier for women, as our bio-chemical constitution makes it such that we understand shifts, we understand cycles, we understand ebb and flow in a way that is material. We understand it physically, viscerally in our bodies. This doesn’t mean that men can’t tap into this energy. And my hesitancy in making this point comes from the fact that some of the most energetically aware people I know are men and some of the lease energetically aware people I know are women. But, when we women are in tune with our bodies, we have unique access to that which is always changing and evolving. I think men can gain access, but probably have to work a little bit harder. Perhaps that’s why, when men do gain access to that knowing, it’s so beautiful.

This week, tune into that knowing. This week, tune into your body. This is the time of transformation. If you need to transform something quickly, this is a good time to do it. If you need a transformation, ask your body for the answers. The human body is an incredibly sensitive receptor of energy when we allow it to be. Your body always wants to tell you something. It is always communicating with you. Your body can perceive the spirit world better than the mind—but the body needs the mind to do the translating. Find the balance. Let them work together. Celebrate. Be smart. Honor your ancestors. Take the path of least resistance. Don’t bust through doors that are closed. When the way is open to you, take it. Samhain blessings. Happy Halloween.

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