Commitment, Bowling with Gnomes, and Getting What You Want: A Reflection on the New Moon in Sagittarius

In a Mercury Retrograde moment, I am having trouble with my images. But I don’t want to deprive you of the message, so perhaps you can create your own image in your mind. 🙂

Today at 1:30am EST, the Moon rebirthed herself in the sign of Sagittarius. Right between Saturn and Venus, trine to Uranus, dancing in the same sign as Mercury is retrograding. There’s a lot of energy right now. Christians call this Christmas season the Season of Perpetual Hope—and if there is something Sagittarius knows about (being ruled by Jupiter), it’s perpetual hope, perpetual faith, luck, the expansion of goodness. Having Venus in the same sign doesn’t hurt. Venus wants abundance and connection—she wants you to be and feel loved.

This is also a season for truth. A new moon sandwiched between Saturn and Venus isn’t a bad combination–especially if you’re trying to manifest something. Venus allows you to draw the resources you need and Saturn supports you in making things real by asking a lot of specific questions about what you want, what you need, and what you’re willing to do and/or sacrifice and/or commit to in order to get there. Saturn is two days away from leaving Sagittarius and traversing into Capricorn (his own sign). The Sun is three days away from Capricorn, officially marking the Winter Solstice. And Mercury is five days away from completing his Retrograde. This could be a long week. One thing is for sure–messages will be flying. Take heed.

With this combination of energies, direct messages could still be complex. A moon with a strong combination of Uranus and Saturn energy can mean the synthesis between breaking and building, old and new, tradition and innovation. A moon with a strong combination of Saturn and Venus energy can mean connection and commitment. This moon wants to teach us about how to find discipline in truth, integrity in exploration, liberation in consistent commitment. Saturn wants to know what you’re willing to commit to. And yet, Saturn is not about commitment for the sake of commitment. He is about your willingness to commit to your own desires. He wants to know that there’s something in this world that you want and love and feel passionate enough about to sacrifice, to compromise, to go further and deeper than you’ve ever gone before within yourself and, in the sign of Sagittarius, out into the world.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is all about expansion—expanding as far as you possibly can. Jupiter gives you the capacity to expand. Saturn, though, gives you the capacity to expand effectively. He not only provides boundaries, but he provides support. Sagittarius is a hunter. He directs arrows far into the distance. If Sagittarius went bowling, Saturn would show up as those bumpers placed in the gutter to ensure that your ball doesn’t fall in when you’re a kid. Boundaries? Yes. Limitations? Yes. And yet, boundaries and limitations that ensure that your ball at least gets to the end of the lane. With Uranus around, maybe your ball will blow up in the middle of the lane (which could still help knock those pins down!) With Venus in the mix, perhaps a little fairy will show up to blow your ball or gnomes will show up to push your ball the rest of the way down the lane if you didn’t quite roll it hard enough. In any case—you get the point. Even though there’s a lot of energy, it can be really helpful energy if you’re clear about what you want and need to achieve. Every energy (even Saturn, even Mercury) wants you to achieve YOUR particular destiny in this life. Things become challenging if you haven’t yet discovered your destiny or if you’re not at least moving in the right direction of your destiny—not only your work, but your energetic destiny, the way of being you’re meant to manifest in this lifetime. Things can get challenging if you’re not committed to your own life.

How this moon affects you specifically has to do with where it falls in your chart and relates with the particular signature of your own chart. However, most likely, it will have something to do with a dream, a vision, going the distance, long-term goals. Maybe it will be one specific goal, perhaps a set or even an entirely different life or lifestyle. Whatever it is, with all of this energy, this is a great time to really discern your goals, intentions, and desires for the upcoming year. This moon will culminate on New Year’s Day, giving us the momentum we need to push through another year of beauty, love, and of course, growth. What do you want MOST in the next year? What do you need to do and are you willing to do to get there? Where is your journey taking you? How are you going to get there? This week is a time to listen to yourself and the universe by means of Mercury and the information you might be receiving in all ways, shapes, and forms. Use the information you’re receiving to devise a practical and doable plan. And then, let the universe take care of the rest.

New Moon Blessings.

Love, Hilary

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