It’s Time to Go Home: A Reflection on the Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Collage by Hilary

What could be better than starting the year with a Full Moon?

The signature for the first day of the year will provide some insight into what this next year holds. That’s not always the case, necessarily—but it’s true for this year. I expect this will be a beautiful and strange year. There’s been a lot of discussion over the past several years about the emergence of the wild and divine feminine. There’s been a bit less discussion about the divine masculine (without which the divine feminine can’t exist). Saturn in Capricorn is mature paternal energy. I anticipate that the next year will continue to show us ways in which masculine energy has degraded, demeaned, and traumatized feminine energy personally and collectively over the past few millenia. And yet, I also anticipate that this signature will help us to see how beautiful and useful divine masculine energy is and how important healthy mature masculine energy is to growing all of us up and encouraging us to take responsibility for our lives.

Capricorn challenges us to find and own our path. Doing this requires knowing that there are people, places, and things to which we can return to recharge. You know … home. What is home to you? Who is home to you? Do you have the home you need to do your work? If not, what do you need to find it? What are you looking for? Write that shit down and offer it to this Moon and to his year. They want to light your path home, in every sense of the word.

Every energy has a healthy manifestation and an unhealthy manifestation. Healthy Cancer energy might be the strongest form of energy in the zodiac. By strong—I don’t mean aggressive (though Cancer is probably the most protective sign). Rather, I mean unbreakable and unshakable. Healthy Cancer energy can handle anything—literally. This is the person to whom you can say absolutely anything and they’ll look at you and say, “Is that all?” when you think you’ve just said or done the absolute worst thing you could. Healthy Cancer energy is unbreakable because it knows how to bend. Unhealthy Cancer energy has no structure. It’s too fluid, too flimsy. But balanced, it is one of the most amazing navigators of the Zodiac—after all, who knows how to navigate the ocean more than the ocean itself? With Cancer as your captain, you’ll never run aground. You can’t wreck. Your ride will be emotional, but it will always be safe. Cancer keeps you safe—especially emotionally.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. If you’ve never had to change, you won’t be very good at it. But if you have a lot of practice at learning how to adapt, it’s part of your nature. It is the Moon’s nature to change. It changes every single day. It goes through an entire life cycle every 28 days. For the Moon, a shift in direction is not newsworthy. It’s no different than a breath. This Full Moon comes strong with water energy, as Mars, Neptune, and Psyche are all gazing the Moon from angles of love. Neptune is God of the Sea and in his own home sign of Pisces. Mars and Psyche are in Scorpio, giving you the motivation and drive to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before. And this year, you will go deeper than you’ve ever gone before. This moon could take you to some emotional depths. Don’t be afraid of them. Swim through them. Dive into them. Float in them. Bob in them. Rest in them. You’re allowed to rest in your own depth. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too deep. If someone can’t hear what you have to say, if someone can’t relate how you need to relate for your own wellness and healing, they’re not part of your journey. No big deal. Expect emotions. Expect tears. Expect moments that might even be too deep for tears. Sometimes, you have to sit alone with your eyes closed. Don’t avoid. Don’t distract yourself or anyone else from the feelings that this sort of energy can evoke and the spirits it can invoke. Expect visitors—perhaps they’ll be embodied. Perhaps they won’t. But those who come will do so to help you. Those who come will be those who can handle it, who can hold you when you need to be held in whatever ways you need to be held. Expect to be nurtured in mature ways—most likely, in ways you’ve never been nurtured before.

Look to the houses of your own chart inhabited by water signs. These are areas of your life that might ebb and flow a little more than usual this week and this year (especially since Jupiter will remain in Scorpio for most of the year).

Psyche plays a significant role in this lunation. If you work with me, most likely, you will get to know Psyche well. Psyche represents your soul and your soul’s journey in this life. Her story is one of my favorite love stories because it involves her finding infinite courage to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable. Her story is about the journey of her return to her beloved. But really, it is about how her unending love for him takes her on the journey to return home to herself. Each time she commits to overcoming an obstacle keeping her from her love, she is sent guides and helpers to do so. In your chart, she holds a relationship to your destiny. She is also a significant piece of your ancestral work—which is ruled by Cancer (though also has components in other signs, including Scorpio where she’s currently located). So don’t be surprised if the energy of this Full Moon brings you closer to your ancestors. Don’t be surprised if the energy of this Full Moon wants to tell you something about your destiny that you either didn’t know or haven’t chosen to own yet fully. Don’t be surprised if this Full Moon carries you to the intersection between your ancestors/ancestry and your destiny in the world. Don’t be surprised if this Full Moon brings you closer to your beloved. Don’t be surprised if this Full Moon brings you closer to your home.

Stay close to bodies of water—whatever their form. Drink lots of water. Keep yourself balanced. There can be a fine line between intuition and insanity. There can be a fine line between holograms and hallucinations. But follow your intuition—it might be screaming at you this week. Don’t just put your headphones on and ignore it. This is a year of love for grownups. Children need not apply. Teenagers can stay in high school. If you want some grown folk love—not only from your romantic partners, but from people who you can rely on to show up as your family (blood or not) in the ways you need people to show up—let the moon know. She wants to give it to you.

Many blessings on this Full Moon and for the New Year!

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I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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