Tarot Reflection – 16 Jan 2018 – Princess of Keys

(Princess of Keys from the Bird Queen Designs Tarot Deck)

I am word sensitive. So much of my own healing journey has been and continues to be sensitivity towards and healing related to words. And thankfully so, since the words we use shape the images in our heads and the images in our heads form our realities. “Princess.” I won’t lie. This word still makes me cringe a little because I associate it with a spoiled brat who’s lazy and can’t and/or refuses to do anything for herself. But that’s not who a Princess is at all. A Princess is a Queen who hasn’t graduated yet. A Princess is an emerging leader, a person in line for a throne, a person who only gets to sit on the throne if she’s proven herself capable of doing so—whatever that happens to mean given the throne of her lineage. The Princess of Keys is an emerging thought leader. She has knowledge and innate skills in the intellectual realm. Now, she must learn how to lead with her intellectual capacity. Keys are the element of air. The Earth can crumble. Fire can be snuffed. Water disappears when it’s heated. Air can’t be destroyed. Air moves – but air moves silently. A tornado kicks up everything in its path, but you can’t see what’s kicking it up. All these planets in Capricorn right now. A couple in Pisces and a couple in Scorpio. That’s a lot of Earth and Water. Maybe you feel like you’re suffocating. It’s not because the air isn’t there, but because you’ve forgotten how to breathe. You’ve forgotten how much power is in your mind. You don’t free your mind because it’s useless. You free your mind because it’s the most powerful force you have. Your mind has the capacity to control every part of yourself—and what’s more powerful than feminine intellect? Not much. We all have it, regardless of our sex or gender identity. Today, don’t forget to breathe. Today, with these few hours left before the New Moon, make sure that, more than anything, you clear your mind—because your mind is the vessel through which you commune with the divine to receive and set intentions. Go ahead Princess. Free. Your. Mind. Peace ✌🏼 and Ache 🙏🏼

Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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