Food Security, Co-parenting & Changing Your Story No Matter What: A Reflection on the Jan 31st Full Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Pic 1-29-2018

On Wednesday, we will experience a Blue Blood Full Lunar Eclipse. There are a lot of pieces to this Eclipse, a lot of intersections—many of which are significant to me because of the nature of my work. It’s also in perfect opposition to my Sun and a couple of asteroids, so I have been feeling it strongly already. As a result, I am sharing a series of reflections about this eclipse. I hope it’s fruitful for you and I am always open to feedback and hearing whether or not and/or how these reflections resonate with your own experience.

The Moon rules your nurture nature. Ceres—Goddess of the Harvest—nourishes you. She is the entity in the cosmos who rules everything having to do with food and she is conjunct the Full Moon. When I think of the Moon and Ceres coming together, I think of food security. When I think of Ceres being conjunct a lunar eclipse, I think of food insecurity or the threat of food insecurity. Sources of food could be cut off. Embargos could be implemented. Trade agreements having to do with food could be questioned or broken off. Maybe California will decide to secede finally (that’s a joke but think about what would happen to the food system of the United States if CA became its own nation). Perhaps, the eclipse will somehow illuminate the importance of workers in the food system and start to bring some justice for farm workers. It’s also possible that the effects could be more personal—who in your life has assured that you’ve been nourished? What does it mean to nourish and be nourished? How many ways can you define this term? Perhaps this eclipse wants us to reconsider how we define care, who takes on the role of caring—for children, for elders, for communities—and how they and their care are allowed to look.

Saturn is still in Capricorn (and will be for the next almost 3 years). In traditional astrology, Capricorn rules fatherhood and Cancer (its opposing sign) rules motherhood. This means that the axis of parental care could be challenged heavily over the next couple of years. We could be redefining what it means to be a parent. We may be redefining or diminishing the differences between fatherhood and motherhood. From this angle, I wonder if the embargoes and trade agreements I mentioned previously will be less collective/national/international and more interpersonal. Perhaps this eclipse wants to bring more balance into co-parenting. SLASH—perhaps it wants to illuminate the importance of cooperation of all kinds in parenting situations—regardless of the relationships or connections the parents have between one another. What are you willing to agree upon for the good of your children? And expanding upon that, what are collective groups of adults willing to let go of in order to help facilitate the dreams of our children? Can we move away from putting so much pressure on the nuclear family and begin to embrace the beauty of village?

Your children aren’t yours. Your children are god’s. Your children are the world’s. They will need all of the help they can get – and so will you to raise them into whole human beings. If your children aren’t angry at their mother or their father or their family or another group of people towards which you still hold anger, if they don’t understand the conflict—why are you wasting so much energy trying to force them to understand why they’re supposed to be angry about something that isn’t theirs? Why waste time and energy that could go into healing yourself and facilitating your children’s dreams? If your children want to move forward, why are you trying so hard to drag them backward? This does not mean ignoring history or accepting a version of history that doesn’t resonate with you. But you can’t even see or understand or write your own history if you’re still telling your story from a place of pain. You also can’t see or understand or write your own history if you see your story from a place of victory, shame, or guilt.

There are multiple truths. The most complete truth is told from a place of equity, from a place that acknowledges that every human being comes into this life on a healing journey. We all have strengths and limitations—and most importantly, every person is meant to achieve a version of success that aligns with their soul. That isn’t the same for everyone and just because someone appears “successful” on the outside or in one kind of way does not mean that they’re successful. I won’t mention any names, but I think the whole world has witnessed over the past year or two how someone with the right degrees, strong “business skills” and tons of money can be the world’s greatest failure.  When you break yourself open (which usually looks like breaking yourself, falling apart) and start to heal (which can only happen as a result of the previous process), the story starts to look different. I know because I have the pleasure of watching people work through and shift their deepest narratives on a daily basis. The events don’t change, but the ways in which we see and understand them do. Trespasses don’t disappear, but they no longer deliver pain. Your deepest challenges and limitations can become your greatest gifts if you’re willing to stare them in the face and converse with them for as long as it takes.

You can’t change your life without changing your story. What part of your story needs to be changed? What is the part that you play in your own oppression? To be clear, this does not mean victim shaming at ALL! If something terrible has happened to you, if you’ve been traumatized in any way, if you are carrying generational trauma and oppression (which, on a side note, everyone is), that is not your fault! You didn’t ASK for that because of anything you said or did or wore or thought. However, allowing yourself to remain victimized and oppressed is a choice. Maybe it’s the choice that you made to appease and/or gain approval from your parents, family, community, or culture. Maybe you have no idea whatsoever how to remove yourself from the mindset in which you currently find yourself. Maybe you don’t even know that oppression is a mindset. Maybe you can’t imagine that you can change your life by changing your thoughts. Maybe you don’t know that where your mind goes, your energy flows.

You have the power to free your mind. Every day. This eclipse wants that for you, wants that from you. An Eclipse is not something to fear. It’s not something to “cope” with. It’s an opportunity for transformation. If you allow yourself to open to it, to roll with it, it can bring you closer to your destiny more quickly than you thought possible.

Eclipse Blessings


Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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