Daily Tarot Reflection – 15 Feb 2018 – 9 of Swords Reversed & The Moon Reversed

(Cards from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck)

I could expect to see The Moon reverse on the day of a New Moon. The New Moon is the dark moon. It’s the period during which we cannot see the Moon, and yet, we know it’s there. The energy of The Moon drifts. But the energy required to set clear intentions does not. And this is not a drifting New Moon. This day, this time, is a release of your deepest darkest shadows. We are in the home stretch. You are coming to the end of something. Whatever you used to be, however you used to define yourself, that’s not who you are anymore, that’s not how you work anymore, that’s not how or where you live anymore. I can’t begin to emphasize the extent to which we’re moving out of one phase and into another. I can’t emphasize enough the massive shift that’s occurring right now. It’s new. It’s different. It’s weird. And it might scare you – but you don’t have to be scared. The World Religions calendar is on overload this week. This is a time for truth—big truths, perennial truths. Years begin and end. You must release that which doesn’t serve you to find that which does. You must give thanks to that which has brought you here. Offer prayers and fasting to ensure your health and the health of the planet. Every human is called to make sacrifices for the greater good. You are stardust. To stardust you will return. The only way we’ll survive is with love. Today is a day to set big intentions. Go for it. Re-commit to the intentions you set when the year was new. Don’t rush around frenetically or spend tons of time on social media or talk with lots of other people today. Don’t hide yourself. But Listen. Stay close to those who will and can walk with you on the next leg of your journey. Listen to the voice within you that can tell you exactly what you need to do and where you need to go next. And then write down what that voice says and follow it. It’s that simple. Many blessings to you as you begin a whole new life. Ache 🙏🏼

*** If you’re interested in a personal Tarot Session, please email Hilary@instituteforearthbasedliving.com. ***

Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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