Daily Tarot Reflection – 16 Feb 2018 – The 3 of Cups Reversed

(Card from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck)

I often have a harder time releasing close friends than romantic companions and lovers. When someone I thought was my friend walks away, disappoints me, puts in less of an effort than I do, turns out to be less interested in being my friend as I am in being their friend? It devastates me. It’s so hard for me to let that go. Aren’t friends supposed to be there no matter what? Why don’t you want to be my friend? Why don’t you want to be my friend … anymore? And yet, more often than not, when I’ve been really honest about these relationships, I’ve realized I almost always gave more than I received. I was almost always the only one to initiate conversation. I was almost always the one doing all the caring and supporting and listening. My emotional and intellectual needs were rarely being met. I would almost always end feel exhausted from spending time with my “friends”. Exhaustion is a clear sign that people aren’t meant for you. If someone drains your energy—by their presence or lack thereof—they aren’t for you. Period. Maybe you’ve felt this same way. Maybe there are still a few people who you don’t even see or talk to anymore anymore, but whose friendships you still dream about and whose lack of friendship you still feel resentment towards. If so, let it go. Don’t dwell. Don’t wait. Don’t expect an apology, nor let one deter you from the truth. Because the alternative is an entire community of people who see you, who want you to be in their lives, who understand you as an asset to who they are, not a novelty, not an exotic freak to provide them with entertainment, not someone to hang out with “for now” until they find someone or something better. Because the fact of the matter is – you are better. You deserve better. You deserve close friends who make the same kinds of choices and have the same ultimate goals. Today, imagine what it looks like to have a sisterhood, a brotherhood, a tribe where people really value having you in their lives. You deserve to have deep connections. Don’t ever let yourself be just a side piece—to anyone. Ache 🙏🏼

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Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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