Fiery Furnaces, Polar Bears, and Why Juno Knows Your Secrets: A Reflection on the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aquarius

FYM - Solar Eclipse Pic 2-15-2018

And here we are … at the Solar Eclipse. The past two weeks have been intense, to say the least. The days between eclipses are portals, entryways, and doors slammed in our faces, locked, and sealed forever. When you get to the end of eclipse season, there are things to which you can never return, people to which you can never return. Most importantly, there are pieces of yourself to which you’ll never return. A lunar eclipse is a closing. A solar eclipse is an opening. In reality, it can be difficult to discern what and where is opening and closing in such a fluid time. But the fluidity is fading while solidity rushes in … at least for a few days until the Sun meets Venus and Neptune in Pisces—with Mercury and Juno right behind.

This eclipse and New Moon are conjunct Mercury and Juno. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Juno together in Aquarius … well? That sounds like an interesting party. Aquarius is the sign of change, ruled by Uranus—who is in a positive aspect to this event. Breaking free. Breaking away. Breaking out of the structures that you thought you had to adhere to are signatures of this New Moon. What does your body need? REALLY? What do you need or need to do in order to feel fully yourself, happy, and healthy? REALLY? What is the truth for you? REALLY? What are the structures you adhere to in order to appear a certain way that don’t actually serve you? What are the structures that you reject that might serve you in ways that you’ve been unwilling to admit? Go deep. If you think there are none, you’re probably wrong.

Juno … Juno, Juno everywhere. The divine consort. That which you require in a cosmic partner and that which you will gladly tolerate in the right partner for you. But besides that … Juno is about commitment – commitment to that which is worth committing to, karmic and cosmic connections to people, places, and ideas. COMMITMENT! Saturn asks you what you’re willing to commit to, what you’re willing to endure in order to have what you really want. Juno usually has an idea … and she’ll usually help you commit to something worth committing to if you’re willing to do the work. She rules karmic relationships and she gave up being the Queen of Heaven to marry Jupiter … so she KNOWS your secrets …

Speaking of secrets … there are none this week. This eclipse, this moon, this week … they’re all about the truth. One of Aquarius’ greatest gifts is the ability to tell the truth. One of Aquarius’ greatest challenges is the need to tell the truth. Aquarius will tell you the REAL truth, the HARD truth, because it can detach itself enough to go pretty much anywhere. If you don’t want to hear the truth, you better stay away from people with strong Aquarian energy. But this week, it doesn’t matter who you surround yourself with, because the truth is going to find you no matter what.

What is ending for you? I wonder if you’re realizing that the people you thought were going with you into this next phase of life, aren’t. And perhaps, partially, that’s because you’re not proceeding as the same person that you were, that you’ve been. You needed those people at the time, but they aren’t going to take you where you really need to go now. Those people can’t help you fulfill your mission in life. The people who have helped get you to where you are … they have done just that. They have traveled on the journey as long as you needed them. They have held your hand through challenging times, helped you through muddy waters and offered you drinks of water through fiery furnaces.

But now you’re moving on to new terrain. Where the ecology is different, you need different people walking with you. Wherever you go, you can navigate the terrain by finding those people who are experts in that ecosystem or that type of ecosystem. You’ve never been to this ecosystem before, so you’ve had no reason to seek out the experts who can help you and lead the way. What is unique about this terrain compared to the past terrains you’ve traversed? What are the differences in climate? Is it damper? Drier? What are the dangers and limitations of this new terrain? And most importantly, how will you fit your gifts and desires into what is already occurring to find your own unique niche that serves you and your new home?

People who try to “sell” ecological conservation often rely on particular species. We have to save the whales and the dolphins and the polar bears. Not to diminish any particular species … but at the end of the day, ecological conservation is actually about the ability for an entire ecosystem to function. What are you doing to maintain the overall function of the ecosystem of which you’re a part? What will you have to do or become in order to contribute to the overall function of the new ecosystem of which you’re about to become a part? How will you need to shift your style of communication? How will you need to change the ways in which you express yourself? Not just what you say, but how you say it. Not just the words you use, but your style of dress, the way you walk, all of the ways in which you communicate your identity and way of being as you move through the world.

This is a year of relationships—finding them, losing them, defining them. This is a week of relationships. This next month, especially, could leave people with the urge to merge. Neither discount it nor jump right in. Ask yourself – is this healthy? Is this helpful to who I’m becoming? Is this supporting my overall destiny? Don’t immediately reject something or someone different, a different arrangement, a different sort of situation just because it’s different. Don’t run to that which feels familiar just because you’re feeling uncomfortable with all the change coming your way. Be mindful. Think. Step back for a moment and weight the pros and cons. Be honest. Accept the truth.

Like the Semisonic song says, “Closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here … Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” What is ending? Let it go. It’s not for you. Something much bigger and much better awaits. There will be some roller coaster moments. Take a Dramamine. Don’t forget your guide books. You’ll be ok. You’re awakening into a new world. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Something beautiful is at the end of the tunnel.

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