Daily Tarot Reflection – 18 Feb 2018 – The Ace of Pentacles

(Card from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck)

Where your mind goes, your energy flows. What do you want to grow? You have the capacity to receive infinite wealth—in all of its forms, not just paper. The Ace of Pentacles represents infinite abundance. Typically, it does represent abundance on the material plane. And yet, material abundance is so much more than just money and stuff. The question about what you would do if you had a certain amount of money is a pretty quick and easy way to get to what and who really matters to you. In what do you invest your money? In what would you invest your money if you had more? How would having a certain amount of money allow you to be better supported? More importantly—how would having a certain amount of money allow you to support the world and the people you love better? How would having a certain amount of money allow you to change the world? To create new and different systems? To go places and meet people who are the best at what they do. To be the best, you must be around the best. What is the value of being able to support the people you love in their endeavors so that they can support you in yours? Making do, being alchemical, being able to create something from nothing is a gift. But building and changing systems on a deep level requires money. If you can create something out of nothing, what could you create with adequate resources? If changing the world and making the world a better place for everyone is really your priority, are you open to bringing in the amount of money required to make a real difference? More importantly, are you open to letting go of how that money will appear in your life? How it gets to you is none of your business. But being able to invest wisely in solid foundations from which a better world can grow? That’s your business. You deserve it and you owe it to the world. Knowing how to manifest and manage large amounts of money for the better good is part of what you agreed to when you said you wanted to be conscious. So step up or step away. Ache. 🙏🏼

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Published by: hilaryb130

I am an artist, scientist and explorer who facilitates healing and liberation in the minds, bodies and spirits of people and planet through creative and spiritual practice, food and Earth-based medicine. I am devoted to bringing about a more peaceful and just world through my research, healing practice and art. Environmental Studies PhD.

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