Returning to Yourself: Finding Balance in Duality Under the Virgo Full Moon

FYM - Virgo Full Moon 3-1-2018

During a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are positioned in complete opposition in the sky. As is true in every belief, cultural, and scientific system I have encountered, astrologers have competing and diverging views about the “purpose” of the Full Moon. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter how you “use” the Full Moon (or any other scientific, magical, religious, or cultural system or phenomenon for that matter) as long as it’s facilitating your personal growth, connectedness to the world and overall wellbeing. In my personal practice, I use the Full Moon as a time to facilitate balance between energies—to give and receive, to develop and let go. It’s a time each month when an entire spectrum, an axis, a continuum of energetic existence is illuminated entirely, making it easier to understand where imbalances exist and how they can be recalibrated. I believe that Full Moons can be periods of integrating parts of yourself in ways that are unique and meaningful to you.

“It works if you work it. And you’re worth it,” so the 12-step chant goes. I heard recently that Bill Wilson, one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 steps, was a psychonaut–someone who uses psychedelic substances intentionally for personal development and inner expansion. This seems fascinating given that a good deal of emerging medical research suggests that psychedelics could be a powerful and all-encompassing treatment for some of the most pervasive addictions, even following very limited use. Neptune and Pisces rule addiction. And psychedelics. And unconditional love and oneness with everything. Fasting, sobriety, and conditions are ruled by Virgo, the sign opposing Pisces. Some people fast to experience a sense of oneness with their Creator or the Universe. People become sober to access real love and truth. Some people are already plenty fluid. Some people need a little extra assistance to enter into oneness and swim through a sea of their traumas in order to re-arrange, re-organize, and compartmentalize their pain to live free of attachments not only to substances, but habits and constellations of being that hurt them physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is the nature of duality. This is what real integration looks like. And I won’t lie—these complexities, these paradoxes, are about the most exciting things I can imagine! This is when stuff gets WEIRD … and AWESOME!

The Moon is in Virgo. And yet, the energy right now is tilted towards the Piscean end of the axis given all of the energies currently transiting through it. Pisces is water, fluidity. If the Moon is the time for balance, perhaps this is a time to draw on the gifts of our Virgo sensibilities while releasing the ways in which they inhibit us. Virgo is incredibly intelligent and discerning. And yet, too much discernment can show up as indecision. Virgo is practical and detail-oriented. And yet, sometimes Virgo sweats the small stuff not because it’s important, but because it’s easier to micromanage than to deal with some larger over-arching issue. Virgo can use a false sense of personal control as a façade for deeply engrained insecurities. Both you and the world need the beauty of your Virgo energy right now. Both you and the world need your Earthy stability to be able to hold and shape all of the water gushing about right now. So those insecurities need to GO! Virgo belongs to itself. Virgo sometimes wants to hide away. Virgo sometimes needs to hide away. Virgo will be minding its own business and someone might approach it innocently and Virgo will be like, “Uh … I’M sorry. Are you TALKING to me!?” Virgo loves some BOUNDARIES! Some containers! And yet, Virgo can be too bound, too contained. Pisces, alternatively, does NOT always know how to stay and slay in its OWN LANE! It just wants to be your friend! It just wants to connect with you!

Pisces is spirit. Virgo is the container that allows you to interact with spirit safely. Virgo rules your body. It teaches you how to navigate your spiritual energy. Virgo rules routine. Virgo rules practice. Your spiritual energy is meaningless weight without shape. The beautiful thing about Virgo is that since it belongs to itself, it will allow you to define for yourself what the best practice is for you. You can do what you want—but you must commit to it. Virgo wants you to know that the right practice for you is the practice that returns you to yourself. Because when you sit fully as yourself and in yourself, you’re much better suited to find the compassion and connection that Pisces espouses and craves. Pisces rules healing, but Virgo rules the healer. YOUR Virgo energy (how it manifests itself within you, personally) represents your inner healer. This is the energy that heals you and those who are drawn to you. Healthy and secure Virgo energy, because it belongs to itself, doesn’t need outside approval. As a result, it has the ability to touch your core wound without being wounded. It has the ability to sit in the presence of its own core wound without being triggered. When healthy Virgo energy finds balance in Pisces, it can walk with you compassionately on your journey without being phased. This is a strength of every great healer.

Pisces is a dreamer. But it needs Virgo to manifest those dreams. Earth energy makes things real. If you study or work with the law of attraction, you’ll know that manifestation occurs more quickly and completely when you’re more detailed and specific. Pisces dreams of having a house. If all you ask for is a house, you could end up with anything. Virgo isn’t really into dreaming, only what’s real and right now in the material realm. Pisces and Virgo in balance dreams of having a house on the coast of the French Riviera close enough to the water to enjoy the view, but far enough away to avoid hazards. It has a kitchen with a wall of retractable glass doors facing the water, an open floor plan, travertine floors, counter tops made from concrete and local shells and glass and a U-shaped bar-height counter surrounded by swivel bar stools with super comfortable removable cushions (because they have to be cleaned if Virgo’s involved) and a sturdy contoured back. The inside of the U holds a Viking range, oven, hood, and food preparation area. Etc. You get the point. You get what you ask for. Ask for exactly what you want. Pisces feels. Virgo thinks. Deeply. Discerns. Don’t get caught in so much discernment right now that you don’t act. Virgo works really hard. Don’t get caught in working for the sake of working when you are perfectly capable of working effectively and efficiently. Work smart, not hard.

Stay sober. Observe. Observe your health. Spend less time adhering to outside dietary plans if they’re not working and more time listening deeply and closely to your body. Where EXACTLY do you feel uncomfortable? What does YOUR body need? Be particular. Do some personal research. Pare down what you’re eating. Eat one ingredient at a time. How do you feel after? An hour after? The next day? Observe your spirit, your heart. Spend less time adhering to religious and spiritual structures or practices if they don’t resonate with you and more time asking yourself what excites your spirit … REALLY? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? What can you do even when you’re exhausted because it is fun and exciting and encourages your evolution? Virgo is the sign of habit, of routine. If your routines aren’t serving your body, mind and spirit, get a new routine. If the job you have doesn’t allow you to get a new routine, then get a new job. It might sound outlandish. But it’s not. There’s absolutely nothing in the world more deserving of your love, support, and loyalty than the skin you’re in. YOUR body knows YOUR truth. With all of this Pisces energy, it can be easy to get distracted. It can be easy to wander. It can be easy to start veering into someone else’s lane. Don’t do it. Let this Moon bring some light to YOUR body, YOUR path and the necessities for YOUR spiritual growth. Keep your feet firmly planted while you dream those big dreams and this energy can help you achieve things you never imagined possible.

All the Piscean energy and the full moon can leave you vulnerable to strange sleep patterns and weird dreams. Don’t let it. Before you go to bed, ask to receive useful guidance without fear or pain. It might sound strange – but it works. And so does Virgo. And so must you if you want to make your dreams come true. Virgo puts in the time to get it done and doesn’t feel any kind of way about it. Remain open to what kind of time you need to put in. Maybe you need to put the time into sitting quietly alone without technology. Maybe you need to put in the time to finishing a creative project. Maybe you need to put in the time to caring for your body. Maybe you need to exercise. Maybe you need to put the time and energy into contacting people about your business or your cause or your idea. Maybe you need to put in the time to resting and sleeping. One thing is for sure – whatever time you need to put in is the time that will return you to yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else. Listen to yourself, and go do it.

Full Moon Blessings,





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