Balance, Relationships & Having Faith: A Reflection on the Full Moon in Libra

FYM - Full Moon in Libra

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Libra. The scales. I often tell people that Libra energy is an equal-opportunity offender. When it’s healthy, it doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you need. But, as it’s ruled by Venus, it will usually sort of make fun of you in a way that you can stomach. This energy tells you things you need to hear (even difficult things) in ways that you can receive it.

There are two ways to balance a scale – one is to add more to the side that’s too light and the other is to remove weight from the side that is too heavy. During a Full Moon cycle, the chances are pretty good that the focus will be more on the latter. What has been taking your energy in ways that are unhelpful? Without giving back? The Moon has an entire 28 day cycle. But, typically, the fullness of the moon illuminates something in our lives that has culminated, has come to fruition, and can be released. The Full Moon is a ripe fruit that can be picked, that can be eaten (transformed into another form of energy) or that will drop to the ground and rot so that the seeds might be exposed and planted, allowing for the propagation of new trees.

How this particular moon will affect you depends on where Libra falls in your chart. However, there might be some similarities. Libra is the sign of the other, of relationship, of committed partnerships—close friends, romantic partnerships, business associates and clients who are long-term or with whom you work closely. Therefore, you may find these sorts of themes arising in your life. The words relationship and partnership might be more prominent than usual. You may find yourself releasing a particular relationship or the ideas you have around relationships in general. What do you really want in your close relationships? What do you really need in your close relationships? What are your beliefs about partnership? Do your beliefs about relationships align with what you want and need? This is an important assessment. If you don’t have that alignment, you may need to shift your beliefs so that they come into alignment with your desires.

Healthy Libra energy is strong in a graceful and sophisticated way. As I mentioned above, it has the ability to deliver the truth in ways that are palatable. But in its unhealthy forms, Libra energy can manifest as codependency. The indicators for codependency are numerous. It is a pervasive psychic constellation that affects many people in many different ways. Codependent constellations are a key root of addictions of all sorts. It can create fear around how you communicate with others, fear of rejection, fear of telling the truth about yourself and to others. Are these fears you see arising in your life? In yourself?

Many people look for signs, indicators, confirmation of pending success, confirmation that they’re on the right path, confirmation that we’ll finally see the results we’re looking for. We want to be reassured that our faith has a purpose, that rationality prevails. But at the end of the day, the outcome might not be as important as having the faith that we can achieve it and that the Universe will help us to get there. And maybe, part of this particular lunar energy is about knowing that it’s ok to have faith, that you’re allowed to have faith – in whatever it is you want to have faith. Sometimes, I think we grasp too hard for those signs, those indicators, rather than taking the time to explore and/or admit why we’re seeking for them in the first place. Maybe it’s because we want to know we’re not alone, we’re loved, that we belong to something, that we belong – period.

Balancing energy is a huge focus of my practice, so I work a lot with entire axes, rather than single signs. The axis that is illuminated during this full moon – Aries and Libra – has, perhaps, the strongest concentration of masculine and feminine energy. This time is about balancing the masculine and the feminine – something I discuss very regularly. When I talk about masculine and feminine energy, I mean more than male and female bodies. All bodies, all genders and all sexual orientations have a mixture of masculine and feminine energy. Balancing the masculine and feminine means more than balancing them between one another, it also means balancing them internally. This requires releasing unhealthy forms of both energies so that they can become balanced with one another. And this is all happening inside of you all the time. Did you know all of this was going on inside of you every second of every day? Have you felt tired lately? Perhaps this is why.

During this time, you may receive confused or confusing messages about your identity and how it relates to your ability to relate with other people. Do not get overwhelmed by the confusion. Sometimes you have to experience confusion in order to find clarity, there is always order to be found in the chaos. You will, undoubtedly, find that order. But, you might not find it today. There could be a tendency to try too hard. You may feel like you’re in one of those dreams where you’re putting all of your energy into running, but you can’t seem to pick your feet up off the ground. Don’t try too hard to find order. The harder you try, the more difficult it will be to see it. Sometimes, the moment you most want to move forward is the moment you most need to stop, to sit, and then sit more. So, sit with it. Sit in it. Let it surround you. Let it envelope you. Let it hold you—even if its form of holding feels uncomfortable to you at the moment.

A piece of your destiny is encoded in all of that chaos—especially in terms of how you express yourself in the world. This expression is about more than what you say. It’s about how you appear in the world, how you move through the world, how you allow the world to move through you, how you carry yourself. It’s about the energy that emanates from your body that determines who and what you attract and who and what you repel. So you may find yourself asking right now … who and what do you want to attract? Who and what do you want to repel? Really? It’s not only about who you think you’re supposed to be with or who you think you should be attracting as your friends, your partners, your clients, your close business associates. It’s about who and what you really WANT in your close friends, partners, clients, and/or business associates and whether or not you’re prepared to accept what you perceive as less-desirable aspects of those people or personality types. Are you willing to accept the things that irritate the shit out of you (which, in no way, corresponds to things that are painful) in order to receive what inspires you about those people? The Moon will help you decide …

Many Blessings during this Full Moon

❤ Hilary

***If you want to learn more about how this lunar cycle will affect your chart, specifically, schedule a chart reading by CLICKING HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select the event “Natal Chart Session,” and follow the directions.***

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