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Go the Distance: Reflections on the Full Moon in Sagittarius


The Moon comes into her fullness once every 28 days. This is the last Full Moon of Spring – we are now transitioning into Summer. I will be honest … this Full Moon in Sagittarius has, well, brought a few more emotions than I expected over the past few days. And I think that’s what she is wanting to do right now.

The Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini. The Moon, herself, is the seat of emotion. In your chart, she represents your emotional nature. Full moons mark culminations and completions in our lives, while offering opportunities to release those things that no longer serve us. Sagittarius represents seeking the truth. It is quite possible that this lunation will bring you inklings of truth or straight-up slaps across the face. Either way, you will receive the information you most need to live into the fullness of yourself and live into your own Sagittarian nature. Everyone has every sign in their chart. Everyone has Sagittarius somewhere in them, in their lives, in their souls. Listen to what that nature is trying to tell you.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter—known as the great beneficent. Sag and Jupiter facilitate expansion, faith and exploration. Sagittarius represents exploration of all types—intellectual/philosophical, spiritual/emotional, physical (distant travel), higher education, and publishing. So these are the sorts of themes that might emerge around this Moon, or that you might be considering around this Moon. They might be things you are completing and letting go of (such as a dissertation, for example. Or a long trip abroad. Or a spiritual quest). They also might be things that are bringing to you an awareness of what you will need to let go of in order to move more fully into your destiny, the truth of who you are (such as aspects of your schedule, people or thought patterns that don’t support your personal form of exploration).

As this is a Moon of expansion, you may notice various parts of your life are simply more emphasized or more intense than usual. Or maybe, you have more faith. Jupiter represents luck and faith. Jupiter expands everything he touches and today, on the same day as the Full Moon, he is also stationing direct in Libra after being retrograde for four months. This means he is forging ahead with things in the area of your chart inhabited by Libra. This means he has completed his review and, hopefully, bringing some luck to your life. At the very least, he is encouraging you to have faith—faith in yourself and faith in that which is greater than you–and giving you reasons to keep it.

Sitting with this Moon, however, is Saturn, who is nearing the end of his transit of Sagittarius. Jupiter/Sagittarius and Saturn are opposing energies. Jupiter expands, while Saturn contracts, sets boundaries, creates borders and roadblocks. He isn’t trying to be difficult, necessarily. He just wants to make sure that you want what you want, that you’re prepared for the path you’ve chosen. Saturn and Jupiter can have a strange relationship. Each one of us, in our lives, is responsible for navigating the relationship between Saturn and Jupiter as it manifests in our lives and in our charts. The goal of navigating this relationship is to reach a consensus, to find balance, to settle into a dynamic homeostasis, to reach a place where both your internal Saturn and your internal Jupiter actually assist each other in helping you to achieve your dreams. Oppositional relationships such as this one can reach consensus when we maintain an open mind and are able to imagine seemingly weird possibilities. And there are many seemingly weird possibilities to be imagined.

Be open to the weird thoughts, feelings and opportunities that might arise over the next couple of days. They might not be as weird as you think they are. The Moon is wild. And so are you. I have a sense that conjoining with her, Saturn wants us to listen to our emotions. He wants us to master them. But I also believe that he wants us to understand how our emotions can serve as building blocks to structure our lives. He wants us to tap into the intelligence of our emotions—what do our emotions and our responses to them have to tell us about the sorts of boundaries we need to set? About the structures we need to create to support our lives, our happiness and our wellbeing?

Opposing the Moon and Saturn are the Sun and Ceres, conjunct during this Full Moon. Ceres is the Goddess of the Harvest. She represents everything having to do with food and nourishment. She represents the particular brand of feminine energy that is nurturing and nourishing. She is the Mother’s Milk and the Mother from whom the Milk flows. Her conjunction with the Sun marks her illumination. This gives me the sense that many people will be connecting with their own nurturing nature as well as what they need in order to feel nurtured and nourished. Being fed doesn’t necessarily mean being nourished—and that’s true of our emotional and spiritual bodies just as much as our physical bodies. That this Moon is in Sagittarius gives me the sense that this Moon will bring up questions and issues connected with nourishing the soul and the spirit. What do you need to do to nourish your spirit? What do you need to do to feed your soul? Even though the Sun and Ceres are opposed to the Moon and Saturn, they are in a trine to Jupiter. A trine is a positive aspect, a beneficial relationship between energies. Jupiter wants to expand the amount of nurturing available to us in our lives.

Venus is also sextile Mars. A sextile is Venus’ signature move. It’s her favorite type of relationship. And there’s no one with whom she’d rather be in harmony than Mars—especially right now, since she’s at home in her own luxurious sign of Taurus, with Jupiter house-sitting and renovating her other home of Libra. Since Mars is trudging through the wild waters of Cancer right now, Venus definitely has the upper hand (in a good way). That’s a lot of beautiful energy – and some balance, I’d say. I expect Venus and Jupiter to be up to all kinds of good during this lunation if we’re willing to make the commitment to go the distance … which I think, ultimately, is the primary theme of this Moon and this time. What are your priorities? To what are you willing to commit? For what are you willing to work? What do you want and what are the prices of admission you’re willing to pay to get it? It is time to step into your destiny, into your work in the world, into the relationships and partnerships that fed you. It’s time to stop being small. It’s time to own the path that is being laid out ahead of you, and to commit to staying on that path. It’s time to have faith that what you want, what you feel, what you know—it’s all been brought to you for a purpose. So have faith. Real faith.

Real faith doesn’t always come running through in the form of a shiny unicorn. A lot of times it arrives in the form of a doubting friend, family member, or mentor. A lot of times, it arrives in the form of a habit or pattern of thought that emerges suddenly after being hidden for a long time, after you thought it was gone. Sometimes, usually, often, faith arrives at the point when all logic would have us believe we ought to lose it. It is in that moment, willing to hold on, that faith arrives, that help arrives. That moment is now. Full Moon Blessings.

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Buss Out the Pruning Shears: A Brief Guide to Uranus Trine Saturn



Change is something that is desired, welcomed, and feared. Other Aquarians out there will know that classic Aquarian feeling—I want change in my life and in the world but embracing actual change is sort of a growing edge (and thankfully, I’m growing). It’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Both the call and push for change and the requirement to deal with it when it arrives and in whatever forms it arrives are upon us. This week brings its own form of change as Uranus and Saturn decide to play together nicely. Uranus and Saturn are not necessarily the most likely bed fellows. Saturn builds walls. Uranus breaks them down. Uranus is revolution, rupture, disruption, disorder. Saturn is structure, order, organization, ordination.

I write about my perspective on Saturn frequently—but I think it’s worth repeating. Saturn often gets a bad rap. And, perhaps, rightfully so. After all, Saturn is associated with Patriarchy, with archaic structures that privilege some people over other people based on arbitrary standards such as genetics, race, and gender so that some people can have more than others. But to be honest, I don’t think we need to blame Saturn for that reality—we need to blame ourselves, we need to blame our ancestors. Saturn didn’t create those structures. We did. Saturn didn’t create his story. We did. Nonetheless, the energy is real and that energy is what I work with. According to the Laws of Thermodynamics (if you’re into that sort of thing, if that’s a theory you adhere to), energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Energy is neither positive nor negative. Energy is shaped, moved, and engaged however we choose.

Saturn’s energy represents the human ability to create structures that support the uniqueness of human lives. Saturn likes organization and structure and he likes it because human beings need some organization and structure in their lives in order to grow. He is not that interested, actually, in what those structures look like. He is very interested, however, in ensuring that they exist. He asks us all the time whether the structures that we use to contain our lives support the work and ways of being to which we feel called. He does not want to impose upon us, he wants to support us. Most of all, he wants to support us supporting ourselves—and if that means giving us a good kick in the ass every once in awhile, so be it.

Uranus, alternatively, really loves just breaking shit for no reason. He loves to disrupt the status quo. He wants revolution and he wants it now. He says, “I’m sorry – are you comfortable? Lemme help you with that.” And WAPS! HITS you with something that will put you in your place more quickly than you can catch your breath. Often, that thing is the truth. He rules Aquarius. Other people with strong Aquarian energy will know that we like the truth. We seek the truth. We are good at disrupting with the truth—often unintentionally, sometimes problematically. After all, none of us is prepared for the whole truth all the time.

Given the realities of these energies, I guess it’s not hard to see how the two, despite their differences, could actually have quite a good time together nudging the world along—one creating blocks, the other breaking down walls. When Saturn and Uranus get along, they offer us opportunities to break down what we don’t need, what we don’t want, what isn’t serving us and, at the same time, to build something new that supports us. They support emerging structures. They might give you a little advance on building that new house or a couple new clients in your new business or the confidence to go on a date while your heart is mending from the worst breakup ever. How this aspect affects your life is based upon both the areas of your life (houses) and energies (signs) that they are transiting and the houses and signs in which they exist in your natal chart. But given that their trine (a positive and easy relationship in astrological terms) exists in Sagittarius and Aries, there will be certain overtones that will resonate with a lot of people.

Saturn is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius and the 9th House represent theory, philosophy, spirituality, publishing, higher education, formal research, distant travel—essentially, all forms of exploration, including physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual. Sagittarius is a warrior and an explorer with a purpose, a vision, a single direction, a one-track mind. Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) expands, while Saturn (currently transiting Sagittarius) contracts–so they certainly exist in tension with one another. But, in certain situations, tension can also be balance. Uranus is in Aries. Aries, ruled by Mars, is the 1st House of the Zodiac. Aries and the 1st House represent our identities in the world, how we present ourselves to the world, the healthy ego–the part of us that jumps up and says, “Here I am!” Mars is quintessential (healthy) masculine energy—drive, passion, anger, fearlessness, action, desire. So, as you can imagine, Uranus and Mars have a lot of fun – although, they can be a bit destructive together … which is where a beneficial relationship with Saturn can actually help by keeping that energy contained.

So, what does this all mean?

In astrological terms, this time is asking us to re-imagine the structures that serve as the containers for our lives, our tribes/families, our communities, our nations, and our world (however any one person might go about defining any of those things). Structures that once served the world no longer serve the world or individuals. Different people have very different experiences, but many are still experiencing the same phenomena. Philosophies and theories that once served us no longer serve us. With this combination of energies, the roots of these philosophies are not being eliminated, they are not being pulled up and plouged back into the ground. Rather, we are pruning them back–almost to the ground–so that they might grow fruit. A lot of these structures haven’t been pruned ever or in a long time. They need some pruning, they need to be cut back so that they can grow better, produce more fruit, feed more people. This is true of structures that might seem more obvious, such as governments, religions and religious/spiritual structures and systems, family structures, marriage, etc. It is also true, however, of our personal narratives, habits, tendencies, and values.

Are your values changing? Are the philosophies that guide your life changing? If so, how? Do you need a new narrative? Are you the one preventing yourself from finding or answering your calling? Is your identity changing? Is the way you present yourself in the world shifting? Do you feel called to a new and/or different sort of role than the one you’ve been embodying over the past several years? If so, don’t be afraid of that role. Don’t be afraid to shift your philosophy, to change your thinking and to allow that to change how you appear in the world. This is the time … and you are ready!

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