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Follow the Light of Your Path: A Guide to the Summer Solstice


Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice marks the Sun’s fullest expression, the beginning of a new season, and the Sun’s movement into the 4th sign of the Zodiac – Cancer. The 4th House is the House of House, Home, Family, Ancestry and Roots. Cancer nurtures. Cancer feels. Cancer feels to the end, feels to the bottom. And then, she feels a little bit more. Cancer is primordial water, the womb. She hold us in her tides—at once, reliable and variable. She is the only sign ruled by the Moon herself. Given that she’s ruled by the Moon, she values security, she needs security, she gives security. As a water sign, she finds security in Earthly containers (after all, she exists on the same axis as Capricorn).


Today, as Summer arrived, Mercury caught up with the Sun just before the 1st degree of Cancer delivering messages about the season and about security in various aspects of life. Most likely, the messages you received and will continue to receive throughout the week correspond with the house of your own chart where Cancer resides. But there are certain themes that will probably emerge for many people. Cancer rules the 4th House. The 4th House is the House of House, Home, Family, Roots, and Ancestry. This season and the New Moon born at the end of the week have overtones of roots, family, and home.

Family doesn’t necessarily mean the people with whom you share genetics. Ancestry is not necessarily blood. Ancestry can be intellectual. Ancestry can be spiritual. Family is a network of support. Family is a network or group of people with common beliefs who are committed to supporting one another in maintaining those beliefs. Family is a group or network of people around whom you feel safe. Family is security. If the people with whom you share genetics do not fall in this category, there is a good chance that this season will shift the perceptions and people that shape and comprise your family.

Your family is home. Home is a place where you go to feel safe. If you don’t feel safe in the place where you live–physically, spiritually or emotionally–then, you aren’t living at home. If you don’t feel at home around the people with whom you live and associate daily, you aren’t surrounded by your family. Find your family. Share your story. Don’t choose a family that can’t handle hearing your story, that can’t respect your story and don’t choose a family that burdens you with or blames you for theirs. Right now, many people are shifting their paths–moving to new places, changing relationships and relationship structures, leaving familiar jobs and careers, branching out into the unknown and connecting with their tribes, their soul families. This Summer will solidify many of those moves.


At its best, the axis of Cancer/Capricorn presents, at one end, the flow of emotion, the flow of energy … just, the flow. At the other end, it presents the opportunity to block and/or open that flow—not to control it, but to contain it and direct it, to build channels and open pathways, to go further, to go deeper. The difference between a glass of water and a puddle has nothing to do with substance and everything to do with container. This Summer Solstice and the corresponding Moon ask us to be clear about the containers that facilitate our sense of flow. Perhaps paradoxically, Cancer wants to remind us that facilitating flow, that being open, that compassion, nurturing and love also require the security of containers.

Cancer the Crab needs boundaries between which to walk because it is a creature that walks sideways. These walls protect the crab from moving into unsafe spaces while allowing it to move in its own natural ways. It might have to change direction. It doesn’t change the way it walks. In the same way, in order to walk in our own natural ways, sometimes we are asked to shift directions and build boundaries that allow us to know when it’s time to do so. This Summer, we are all being called to move in our own natural ways so that we can learn how to love, so that we can come into our own understandings of what love is, of how we want to give it, and how we want to receive it—with friends, families, romantic partners, even complete strangers. Love requires the support of containers that we must build for ourselves based around our own natural movements.


This Summer marks the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, the revolution that initiated the massive counterculture of the 1960s and “The Movement.” Peace, love, revolution. Sex, drugs and Rock N Roll. This is it. “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Flower Power. The Commune Movement. The Diggers. The events and effects of the Summer of 1967 have influenced my life and my work profoundly (despite the fact that it took place long before I was born) and I will write more about those influences and effects throughout the Summer. But for now, let it suffice to say that I sense that this Summer will have undertones of that Summer. Can you dig it?


Summer is a time of work, but it’s also a time of fun. It’s a time of reaching beyond oneself. It is a time to enjoy life. Enjoy your life. Know and own what that means for you personally. The right work is still work but it isn’t hard. The right love is still work but it doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely isn’t meant to hurt if you’ve done your own work. Enjoy the Summer. Don’t think too much. Settle into it. Cancer feels into things. Cancer trusts her gut. Trust your gut. On paper, something might make sense. If it doesn’t make sense in your gut, it doesn’t make sense. Period.

Put one foot in front of the other (or next to the other if you’re walking sideways). Just walk your path. Focus on walking. Focus on the path. Go with your gut. Have fun–not at the expense of your responsibilities, but make sure that having fun and finding joy are included on your list of responsibilities. Respond to the calls that excite your soul. Breathe. Keep walking. Keep breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your love determine your definition of rationality. Love who you love. Do what you love. Remember why you do what you do. Let your love light the path. Let your love keep you walking it. No matter what.


Solstice Blessings

Cucumber Wraps & Kohlrabi Fritters: A Perfect Summer Meal!



I won’t lie … this was the most delicious dinner I’ve had this week. It’s Radish Kohlrabi Fritters dressed with Fresh Tahini and Chopped Cilantro. They’re paired with Cucumber Carrot Wraps. That might sound boring, but this is one of the least boring raw Carrot or Cucumber foods I’ve ever had. They’re truly delicious. Both the Cucumbers and the Carrots can be made ahead of time and stored for several days. They would also be good in many applications besides this one. And if I had an Avocado, I would DEFINITELY put a nice big slice on the inside. As for the Tahini … I LOVE Fresh Tahini and if you know me, you know I like to make the plate pretty and then douse everything in way more sauce once the photo session is over … so feel free to do the same. The components for this meal are as follows …

Radish Kohlrabi Fritters

1 C Black Radish, Shredded

3 C Kohlrabi Root, Shredded

1 C Shredded Purple Onion

½ C Garbanzo Flour

2 Flax Eggs*

3 Lg Cloves Garlic, Minced

1 TBSP Cumin Seeds, Toasted & Ground

1.5 TBSP Coriander Seeds, Toasted & Ground

1 TBSP Fennel Seeds, Toasted & Ground

½ tsp Ground Cloves

½ tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Chipotle or Smoked Paprika

Place all ingredients except Chipotle into a medium size mixing bowl and mix well. If you haven’t toasted your own spices before, it is very easy. Place the spices in a hot saute pan (preferably cast iron). Once you hear them start to pop (usually after about 20 seconds), toss them in the pan or simply move the pan in a circular motion so that they move around. Form into balls or patties with 1 oz scoop. Sprinkle with Chipotle or Smoked Paprika (depending on whether or not you like heat … which I do). Bake at 375°F for 30 min. Makes about 25 Fritters.

*I make my Flax Eggs with 1 TBSP Flax Seeds and 2 TBSP Water and blend them in the blender.


Fresh Tahini

1 C Unhulled Sesame Seeds

1 ¼ C Water

1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar

½ tsp Salt

Place Sesame seeds in Water and allow to soak for at least 30 min. Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Add additional ingredients to flavor, if desired (i.e. Herbs, Spices, Preserved Lemon).


Pickled Cucumbers for Wrapping

1 Cucumber

1 Scallion

¼ C Rice Vinegar

¼ tsp Sea Salt

Slice Cucumber lengthwise thin on a mandolin and place in small mixing bowl. Slice Scallions thin and add to bowl. Add Vinegar and Salt and let sit for at least 20 min, tossing periodically. Fill with desired ingredients and sprinkle with toasted Unhulled Sesame Seeds.


Moroccan Shredded Carrots

2 C Carrots, Shredded Small

1.5 TBSP Ginger, Minced

2 Cloves Garlic, Minced

2 TBSP White Wine Vinegar

1 tsp Honey

1/2 tsp Sea Salt

Place Carrots, Ginger, Garlic and Salt in small mixing bowl. Wisk Vinegar and Honey together. Pour over remaining ingredients and allow mix together. Let sit for at least 20 min. Enjoy by themselves, in a salad or in a wrap.

ENJOY! And let m know what you think … Cheers!